Sweeping the Home Odours

Imagine your friends land at your home but you do want to open the door gate. They are knocking the door and you just ask them to stay out and put freshness and try things so that the bad smell or foul smell is eliminated. But your friends do not wait and enter the house. Then they enter the room and you try to hide your face and get embarrassed just because of odour issue. This can really spoilt the mood and can make your head down. If you have the same story and feel like odours are getting you sniff sniff then you must try to fight against this cause and eliminate it from root. I’ll share and advise my followers on how to get rid of bad odours which can harm you and can be issue of embarrassment.

I am big foodie and love to eat food when I am at home and sometime I love to cook and prepare meals for my family too. I love having my favourite dishes with my family and friends as gives me so many satisfaction and reason to spend time together. But it can lead to a smell in the house and best way to counteract this is to boil a cup of vinegar and then it vanish the other smells around it. You must try to look the source of foul smell and remove it completely for once and for all. There could be smell from the carpet or floor mat kept in the dining room. This smell is more if the carpet is old. Though you cannot wash the entire carpet but one thing you can do is to put some vinegar drops at different areas of carpet and then rub it with cloth. It will surely kill the bacteria and foul smell will go away. Baking soda is helpful in cleaning the kitchen area and lemon liquid if used can keep the utensils clean and remove smell from it. Anytime you feel there is too much smell coming from bathroom then you need to use baking soda in the bathroom.

Now all I hope that all these quick remedies are there with me so that I can have a healthy life style and there is no smell coming from my home. The point to remember is that cleanliness is the first key which will never let you down. Living in clean and good odour makes you positive and happy.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity atBlogAdda.com in association with Ambi Pur

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