Removing the odours

We all want to invite guests and friends to our house during the festivals and occasion but my case is totally opposite and I always try to avoid my friends and relatives to come in my house because of odour issues. I do want them to visit so that there is no embarrassment for me in front of guests when they take out their handkerchief and put it on their nose to avoid the disgusting foul smell. I feel sad and unhappy due to this reason and even irritated at times. The main cause of this issue is the garbage disposal as the municipal corporation is not working and doing their duty and pile of garbage has been lying in front of my main entrance door and nearby surrounding. This is big menace to us and I feel like shifting myself to another place. Even the air fresheners also cannot eliminate foul smell in such instances. At night it is difficult to take dinner because the smell keeps on coming in the nose and then we have to start the exhaust fan and open the windows. Using vinegar cloth and swinging in the air gives us some sort of instant relief in such case. We also have lot of stray dogs in our locality and one of them has made our main gate as his resting place. I do not like the smell coming from the dog and use activated charcoal as it can absorb a range of doors.

It is so annoying at times when my mother is cooking Goa fish recipe in the microwave. It is not because of taste but due to the point that the smell coming from the fish is so much that you want to get out of the home till the time the smell goes out of the house or the fish is prepared. I felt embarrassed once when my friend came over for some project but went back without completing the project because of the smell coming from fish into my room. I felt really disgusted and really could not do much to solve the odour problem. But now I have the solution to it as Ambi pur absorb smell from air and get me relief from the fish smell. This is one of the cases of bad odour issue in my home. Some of the other issues are smell coming from the drain and garbage bin. Then there is foul smell from the bathroom and toilet in monsoon season. The best thing to do in such situation is use Ambi pur.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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