Love u Papa

Father is a very special gift from god to child. Father plays an important role in every child of their life. He is very calm, honest, sweet, nice, intelligent as well as hardworking man I have ever seen in my life. In every part of my life till now he always ready to help me out and sort out my all problems. In my childhood days, when I was very upset he would always come to me and ask me what happened and why I am so upset. He would ask me if some problems is there and would try to help me He would understand my face expressions when I become sad or when I am feeling happy. He was a magician who knew when I was getting irritated and when I behaving in childish manner. No matter what is the situation in life, dad always cheer me up and he supports me in every part of my life. He suggests me how to drive scoot and bicycle. Dad has always taught me good thing and from that I understand how to enjoy life.

Dad is not only my dad he is also my good friend too. From childhood till now he is all time special for me and I love him from the bottom of my heart. Dad always fulfils my all needs that I want and he never said no to me. But I understand my dad problem but he never show me his tensions he was suffering from all these years. When I was child he pick me up on his shoulders and do a walk I like that. He would hug me every morning before going to office. I would like to stand on my own legs plus I would like to move forward in my career so that in future I can support my parents my dad and mom both. My dad says that take a stand like no one can beat u  either financially and no one can harm your image u have made.

This father day my dad deserves a big hug from me and then I would like to gift him a photo frame in which all me and my dad sweet memories are there.In the end I would like to say “  Dad you are great and always be there with me”

I am my daddy’s girl and may god always give my dad strength and prosperity and happiness in his life…”  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY !

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

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