Awesome College Fest

My long journey of life with such a smooth ride could not have been possible without having dance and music in my life. I love listening to music when I feel alone and dancing in closed room as it gives me freedom to open my arms and enjoy. I feel so happy that there is some sort of entertainment activities in my life. Sometimes I dance too which give me a ray of hope and energy to be consistent and fight till the goal is complete. It gives me some freedom and motivates me to handle different crisis situation in my life with happiness.

It is just so amazing when you love to perform in front of large audience and everyone is watching you and then claps for you at the end of the performance. I love to energize the environment and spread the energy everywhere through my performance and always try to give my best. This year college fest was around the corner and I was in full mood to win the competition this time as I had lost the challenge last year. Though participating in the event and get shortlisted up to the final round was not less than winning the contest for me. I love to perform on bollywood songs and often take part in singing competition in a group.

This year college fest was just round the corner and it was great to know that some of the greatest singer and dancer will come to our college as judges who will decide the winner of the dance and singing competition. Everyone was guessing that who will be there as the judge as no one had any idea. It was just like a secret screening thing and there was so much gossip about it in the canteen and where ever you go in the college. As the audition and short listing started, I was able to get through the shortlisted candidates and perform as per my expectations. Then there were five shortlisted candidates including me who were to perform in front of judges on the college fest day.

The day came when the college fest started and judges came. We all had thought that some old age senior singer would come but to our surprise it was the heartthrob of our generation Allu Arjun and one of my favourite singer Anushka Manchanda were there with us. This was just a perfect timing for me and I was in kind of shock stage seeing them together. My turn came and while I was performing on stage, I slipped and hurt myself. There was a complete silence around the stage. Though I could not perform further and so Allu Arjun and Anushka them self came to the stage and asked me if I was fine or not. I told them that I was good but not able to compete in this competition. Both of them told me that they will perform the remaining song for me. In matter of minute, crowd started to swing and stand up shouting “Anushka Anushka”.Arjun fans were also not behind and they asked him to show some dance steps. As they started, the atmosphere turned into party mood and it was like a mini concert.

In the end, everyone obliged me for getting them on the stage and seeing their live performance. It is a great experience to me even after not able to win the competition.

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