Party with Best people

I would like to share one of the most memorable instances of my life which was just before the wedding night. I received a call from hubby and he asked me that one thing which could make me happier and make this wedding more special. Without thinking much I started my chit chat with him and told him that listening to classical music and shaking leg on dance floor helps me to cheer up. I really felt great of myself when my learning of harmonium helped me and my team in office to perform at one of the team meetings. Dancing is just another thing that makes me active and I enjoy it more with my cousins when they come to my home. I had a doubt then that why he was asking me all this questions just before the wedding day and before I could ask him, he said that get ready for surprise tomorrow.

Next day was the wedding day and I was all set for this moment of my life. It was my marriage for which my parents waited for so long. Everyone at wedding was so happy, including my 3 years old nephew. We all laughed together, captured pictures & videos of our marriage ceremony. They we had some delicious snacks & drinks and DJ was playing the  bollywood songs & I could see many relatives dancing together.

Honestly at that moment my steps were itching to get on the dance floor and join everyone but it was my wedding and so I had to stop myself. I was just waiting that somebody would push me to dance and I will take the opportunity and join them on dance floor. I knew that my hubby would not take this bold step to dance with me on wedding day as he was too shy. After some time we went to exchange our garlands and were now officially married as per the Hindu traditions. Everyone applauded and congratulated us and then something unusual happened. My hubby grabbed my hand and took me directly to the DJ floor. I was quite amazed and thought about his plan. Then suddenly I heard a melodious voice just behind me and it was none other than Anushka Manchanda.I could not believe that my hubby invited her and then came another surprise. It was Allu Arjun known for sensational dancing moves was there on the dance floor standing next to my husband. I was so impressed by my husband and hugged him tightly for bringing them here and giving me such a great surprise. I could not hold now and started dancing with my hubby as Anushka sang one of the bollywood song and Allu Arjun also shake the leg with my husband and my relatives. There was a sensation and everyone left their dinner to see us dance.

By seeing all those pictures and videos again, it makes me happy. Even today when I look back, I cherish that moment spent at the wedding with my husband and those special people Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun.

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