Valentine Ways to Propose

Last year was the first valentine day for us and the best part was he took time from the office hours to take me out for a candle light dinner and gave me shopping vouchers to buy a new smartphone.We had a good time together and still enjoyed the moment. But I was waiting for him to propose him but that did not happened. It may be due to the fact that my husband is not very romantic and does not believe in showing off but I know he loves me very much and take care of me. This time was the second valentine day for us and to make this valentine special for my crush, I proposed him which was totally unexpected for him being women. I pull it off in a style and romantic way in order to light my relationship and thank by husband for giving me his love, time and everything.

If you are still not clear about the right way of proposal then I can tell you about many different plans and ideas but this will require lot of preparation before the day of actual proposal. Here is lovely article about valentine proposal at home posted in rewardme website in section of family.

If you follow me then one of the easiest plans is to make arrangement for candle light dinner and make his favourite dishes on my own and gift him a special wine bottle with a new watch. You can give him a hug and say the beautiful words expressing your emotions that you love him forever till the last single breadth of my life

My third idea for you is to write a small letter with a love cupcake and keep it in his suitcase with a message to meet him at the same place in the evening where you met with the family members and accepted each other. You can also impress him by dressing in the same red wedding gown which you were wearing on the day of marriage and with all the makeup and everything. You can cook meals and then in the moonlight time and in the perfect ambience plant a kiss on his cheeks and then lie on your knees grabbing his both hand and read your proposal to him. This would certainly need a lot of courage as usually men bow down the knee. Good luck proposing him in coming valentine next year.

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Recreating the Family Love Balance

I am addicted to my phone and always online to check my email and stay connected to my fellow employees.Being online twenty fours a day is important as I have to handle both domestic and international operations. This is quite hectic at times and often these days I do not get time for my family. The result can be seen as my responsibility has increased the love and time for family is fading away, my focus has shifted to perform parenting activities and I do get enough time and care for parents and children. Sometimes I am unable to attend the parent teacher meeting and I find love is lost somewhere and do not find time to please my family.I have gone through this phase myself and want to bring that lost love plus try to divert some work to maintain work life balance.

The questions asked in the article gives me ways to start again as being together with family makes you positive and happy. I am blessed with such a family where we are support to each other in all phases of life, whatever is the situation and we stand together for each other. Their hugs and blessings for me work as symbols of courage and guidance to go ahead and always look beyond and get success with flying colours. It is time to reshape my work and empathize on time management and working in a better way which gives me time for family.

I want try to take break from my office work and go to trips with family so that I can pursue some adventure activities and celebrate freedom in life. Then I want to capture each & very moment with my family. Taking time to get together and playing Indoor games is another idea from the article that I think will make me active and playing with children is the best way to enjoy.I like the idea in the article to cherish every moment spent at my home with the family. By seeing all those old memorable pictures and videos of our past, I can cherish those happy moment more with family. Family Togetherness is the key to success which will never let you down. Being together with family makes me positive and happy. All I hope that article is helpful to me so are there with me so that I can live a happy life. I found it really useful and interesting to tackle my work life balance.

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My travel tips with kids

I am very delighted to become a mother and will always be thankful to God for giving me a new reason to live my life and again going through childhood phase with my baby. I consider vacations as a way to learn and discover nature with kids. But vacations should be such that it should be planned and spend in such a way that there is no tension, stress. We all should plan out in way that kids can attain maximum benefit while enjoying and having fun.

For traveling,first and foremost thing, I need is a good phone or tablet which can take photos in low light conditions and also includes simple games which keep them engaged throughout the journey. With trips and holidays, I want my child to become more responsible and confident. I want that my child can learn and manage to pack his own bags, check-in at the ticket counter, be himself and still do not get lost. He has a got a travel diary of his own where he could write whatever he wants and pen down his experiences and in terms of travelling sights.

If your child is small and you are going for trip, then the most difficult part for parents is changing the clothes of baby several times in a day. But we cannot ignore as it is important to maintain hygiene and make the baby uncomfortable. I have experienced many times myself that my baby would stop crying after change of diapers and then again sleep. Diapers form an important part of clothing for kids while going for trip as it can be easily removed and must be quality product so that it can keep baby skin soft plus prevents rashes and helps baby to enjoy the trip

Sunglasses are must when travelling in India to protect the skin from UV rays and also it makes you look stylish. In order to make my vacation best of time, all I want is to see my child face with excitement and jumping with joy. When travelling with kids, I usually buy a travel magazine or tourist guide-book, so that my children can read the book as well as gain some knowledge before getting to that point. Also as a parent, I want to make sure kids are always near me and in sight when travelling. I can give them directions in case of emergency and prevent them from taking anything from strangers.

I am writing this article to share my expertise and travel tips after my personal experience with kids.

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#Rewardme Pimple Solution

Pimple on the face is small in size but it causes so much of irritation and issues while facing the society. The worst part is that it stays for days and leaves a mark on your face and you cannot do much about it. Acne and pimple are common skin issues in India where the pollution level is so high and the food we consume is so oily and there is tough competition with lot of challenges with stress and tension in early stages of life. This all are common issues which affects the skin and are considered as problem which arise to pimples.

Though pimple is not considered as serious skin issue but affects everyone suffering from it. Even I had to face mental and emotion challenges. When I was a teenager and went to coaching classes, students would laugh at me and often tried to ignore me and talk at a distance. Another problem was that my relatives thought that I was food junkie eating only junk food which was not true at all. Because of these pimples, I had to even hide my face and had issues meeting new people as they would ask me my face pimple. Even during college fest, I could not participate in beauty contest and lost the chance to win the prize.

At one point of time when I was losing my self confidence due to my face acne issues, I decided to take a step and visited a salon to take treatment and use various artificial skin solutions. But it leads to various other skin issues. Then my mother told me to visit rewardme and it provided me amazing information about using natural products to treat pimples.

I followed the practice and tried to use Herbal plants and Basil & Mint as they can help in curing skin related diseases due to their antibacterial and other properties. I came to know about Aloe Vera & Garlic Mask which gives new life to our aging skin and remove excess oil and fights aging problem and you look younger. Now from past few days, I am using Cinnamon & Honey Mask and I can see and sense the difference myself. Though it takes time but it does not harm my skin or have any side effects.

Thank you rewardme for providing such a wonderful article and has given me perfect advice on ways to treat pimples using natural products.I am glad to visit this site and get solution to my problem.

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Removing the odours

We all want to invite guests and friends to our house during the festivals and occasion but my case is totally opposite and I always try to avoid my friends and relatives to come in my house because of odour issues. I do want them to visit so that there is no embarrassment for me in front of guests when they take out their handkerchief and put it on their nose to avoid the disgusting foul smell. I feel sad and unhappy due to this reason and even irritated at times. The main cause of this issue is the garbage disposal as the municipal corporation is not working and doing their duty and pile of garbage has been lying in front of my main entrance door and nearby surrounding. This is big menace to us and I feel like shifting myself to another place. Even the air fresheners also cannot eliminate foul smell in such instances. At night it is difficult to take dinner because the smell keeps on coming in the nose and then we have to start the exhaust fan and open the windows. Using vinegar cloth and swinging in the air gives us some sort of instant relief in such case. We also have lot of stray dogs in our locality and one of them has made our main gate as his resting place. I do not like the smell coming from the dog and use activated charcoal as it can absorb a range of doors.

It is so annoying at times when my mother is cooking Goa fish recipe in the microwave. It is not because of taste but due to the point that the smell coming from the fish is so much that you want to get out of the home till the time the smell goes out of the house or the fish is prepared. I felt embarrassed once when my friend came over for some project but went back without completing the project because of the smell coming from fish into my room. I felt really disgusted and really could not do much to solve the odour problem. But now I have the solution to it as Ambi pur absorb smell from air and get me relief from the fish smell. This is one of the cases of bad odour issue in my home. Some of the other issues are smell coming from the drain and garbage bin. Then there is foul smell from the bathroom and toilet in monsoon season. The best thing to do in such situation is use Ambi pur.

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Sweeping the Home Odours

Imagine your friends land at your home but you do want to open the door gate. They are knocking the door and you just ask them to stay out and put freshness and try things so that the bad smell or foul smell is eliminated. But your friends do not wait and enter the house. Then they enter the room and you try to hide your face and get embarrassed just because of odour issue. This can really spoilt the mood and can make your head down. If you have the same story and feel like odours are getting you sniff sniff then you must try to fight against this cause and eliminate it from root. I’ll share and advise my followers on how to get rid of bad odours which can harm you and can be issue of embarrassment.

I am big foodie and love to eat food when I am at home and sometime I love to cook and prepare meals for my family too. I love having my favourite dishes with my family and friends as gives me so many satisfaction and reason to spend time together. But it can lead to a smell in the house and best way to counteract this is to boil a cup of vinegar and then it vanish the other smells around it. You must try to look the source of foul smell and remove it completely for once and for all. There could be smell from the carpet or floor mat kept in the dining room. This smell is more if the carpet is old. Though you cannot wash the entire carpet but one thing you can do is to put some vinegar drops at different areas of carpet and then rub it with cloth. It will surely kill the bacteria and foul smell will go away. Baking soda is helpful in cleaning the kitchen area and lemon liquid if used can keep the utensils clean and remove smell from it. Anytime you feel there is too much smell coming from bathroom then you need to use baking soda in the bathroom.

Now all I hope that all these quick remedies are there with me so that I can have a healthy life style and there is no smell coming from my home. The point to remember is that cleanliness is the first key which will never let you down. Living in clean and good odour makes you positive and happy.

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Love u Papa

Father is a very special gift from god to child. Father plays an important role in every child of their life. He is very calm, honest, sweet, nice, intelligent as well as hardworking man I have ever seen in my life. In every part of my life till now he always ready to help me out and sort out my all problems. In my childhood days, when I was very upset he would always come to me and ask me what happened and why I am so upset. He would ask me if some problems is there and would try to help me He would understand my face expressions when I become sad or when I am feeling happy. He was a magician who knew when I was getting irritated and when I behaving in childish manner. No matter what is the situation in life, dad always cheer me up and he supports me in every part of my life. He suggests me how to drive scoot and bicycle. Dad has always taught me good thing and from that I understand how to enjoy life.

Dad is not only my dad he is also my good friend too. From childhood till now he is all time special for me and I love him from the bottom of my heart. Dad always fulfils my all needs that I want and he never said no to me. But I understand my dad problem but he never show me his tensions he was suffering from all these years. When I was child he pick me up on his shoulders and do a walk I like that. He would hug me every morning before going to office. I would like to stand on my own legs plus I would like to move forward in my career so that in future I can support my parents my dad and mom both. My dad says that take a stand like no one can beat u  either financially and no one can harm your image u have made.

This father day my dad deserves a big hug from me and then I would like to gift him a photo frame in which all me and my dad sweet memories are there.In the end I would like to say “  Dad you are great and always be there with me”

I am my daddy’s girl and may god always give my dad strength and prosperity and happiness in his life…”  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY !

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Awesome College Fest

My long journey of life with such a smooth ride could not have been possible without having dance and music in my life. I love listening to music when I feel alone and dancing in closed room as it gives me freedom to open my arms and enjoy. I feel so happy that there is some sort of entertainment activities in my life. Sometimes I dance too which give me a ray of hope and energy to be consistent and fight till the goal is complete. It gives me some freedom and motivates me to handle different crisis situation in my life with happiness.

It is just so amazing when you love to perform in front of large audience and everyone is watching you and then claps for you at the end of the performance. I love to energize the environment and spread the energy everywhere through my performance and always try to give my best. This year college fest was around the corner and I was in full mood to win the competition this time as I had lost the challenge last year. Though participating in the event and get shortlisted up to the final round was not less than winning the contest for me. I love to perform on bollywood songs and often take part in singing competition in a group.

This year college fest was just round the corner and it was great to know that some of the greatest singer and dancer will come to our college as judges who will decide the winner of the dance and singing competition. Everyone was guessing that who will be there as the judge as no one had any idea. It was just like a secret screening thing and there was so much gossip about it in the canteen and where ever you go in the college. As the audition and short listing started, I was able to get through the shortlisted candidates and perform as per my expectations. Then there were five shortlisted candidates including me who were to perform in front of judges on the college fest day.

The day came when the college fest started and judges came. We all had thought that some old age senior singer would come but to our surprise it was the heartthrob of our generation Allu Arjun and one of my favourite singer Anushka Manchanda were there with us. This was just a perfect timing for me and I was in kind of shock stage seeing them together. My turn came and while I was performing on stage, I slipped and hurt myself. There was a complete silence around the stage. Though I could not perform further and so Allu Arjun and Anushka them self came to the stage and asked me if I was fine or not. I told them that I was good but not able to compete in this competition. Both of them told me that they will perform the remaining song for me. In matter of minute, crowd started to swing and stand up shouting “Anushka Anushka”.Arjun fans were also not behind and they asked him to show some dance steps. As they started, the atmosphere turned into party mood and it was like a mini concert.

In the end, everyone obliged me for getting them on the stage and seeing their live performance. It is a great experience to me even after not able to win the competition.

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Party with Best people

I would like to share one of the most memorable instances of my life which was just before the wedding night. I received a call from hubby and he asked me that one thing which could make me happier and make this wedding more special. Without thinking much I started my chit chat with him and told him that listening to classical music and shaking leg on dance floor helps me to cheer up. I really felt great of myself when my learning of harmonium helped me and my team in office to perform at one of the team meetings. Dancing is just another thing that makes me active and I enjoy it more with my cousins when they come to my home. I had a doubt then that why he was asking me all this questions just before the wedding day and before I could ask him, he said that get ready for surprise tomorrow.

Next day was the wedding day and I was all set for this moment of my life. It was my marriage for which my parents waited for so long. Everyone at wedding was so happy, including my 3 years old nephew. We all laughed together, captured pictures & videos of our marriage ceremony. They we had some delicious snacks & drinks and DJ was playing the  bollywood songs & I could see many relatives dancing together.

Honestly at that moment my steps were itching to get on the dance floor and join everyone but it was my wedding and so I had to stop myself. I was just waiting that somebody would push me to dance and I will take the opportunity and join them on dance floor. I knew that my hubby would not take this bold step to dance with me on wedding day as he was too shy. After some time we went to exchange our garlands and were now officially married as per the Hindu traditions. Everyone applauded and congratulated us and then something unusual happened. My hubby grabbed my hand and took me directly to the DJ floor. I was quite amazed and thought about his plan. Then suddenly I heard a melodious voice just behind me and it was none other than Anushka Manchanda.I could not believe that my hubby invited her and then came another surprise. It was Allu Arjun known for sensational dancing moves was there on the dance floor standing next to my husband. I was so impressed by my husband and hugged him tightly for bringing them here and giving me such a great surprise. I could not hold now and started dancing with my hubby as Anushka sang one of the bollywood song and Allu Arjun also shake the leg with my husband and my relatives. There was a sensation and everyone left their dinner to see us dance.

By seeing all those pictures and videos again, it makes me happy. Even today when I look back, I cherish that moment spent at the wedding with my husband and those special people Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun.

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