My Airtel App

Airtel has recently launched My Airtel app to redefine online recharge experience and improve customer service to a new level. The application is very much user friendly and also gives alert like bill due date and low balance.3 most interesting features which has amazed me to install this airtel app-

I like things which are fast, secure and advanced. All these things are there in the airtel app too. I am delighted with Airtel App as it is really quick and does instant recharge without any technical glitch in the payment gateway due to PCIDSS certification and safe network. It has a friendly interface which is designed in a way that we do not have to enter the credit card or debit card number every time which leads to faster checkout and mach speed recharge. My job requires me to stay always online and check out the latest updates happening on social platform. Being online twenty fours a day can drain my internet data very fast and sometimes I feel very uneasy and anxious as I do not have any idea about the remaining internet data on my phone. My airtel app has a special feature in the app which helps to track the amount of internet usage and amount of recharge balance left in the plan. It gives out notifications and we can access every detail easily through the app. This is the best feature I like about this mobile app. Now I can plan in advance before my balance expires in the middle of communication.

The second impressive feature about this app is the “I want to” tab which can create shortcuts of the frequent tasks of the user. I am kind of person who wants to capture everything and store in somewhere so that I do not have start from beginning. In this busy world where I have more workload and less time, this feature can save my time and help in shorten the whole recharging process.

I am really overwhelmed with Airtel App as it comes with awesome “Airtel Surprises”. I am a shopaholic and love to go for window shopping and sometimes buy stuff for my home and watch movies on weekends. Airtel Surprise feature of that app is added advantage for me as I will get coupons of various popular stores like, Pizza Hut etc with every recharge. This really motivates me to charge via airtel app and get shopping vouchers for free. Another unique feature is shaking the Smartphone to get recharge deals and single touch to explore Airtel Live. I like the shaking feature and with every shake, we get different kinds of lucrative offer like free talk time, free internet data etc which helps to save money as well.

Overall, I like the My Airtel app and I am going to use it for all my future transactions and try to get maximum benefits from it. If you are airtel user, then make sure to install the Airtel app

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