Ek Nayi League

We all love to watch Cricket and follow it with our heart. Cricket has brought so much happiness and joy to the people of India and all this is possible only because of great players in Indian cricket team like Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar.Their contribution to cricket has given new dimension to the game of cricket. Kapil Dev who brought us the first world cup victory is back with a bang on twitter with his new innovative campaign characterized as League. We all know about this great fast bowler who is always there to do something for the country and this time his new venture aims to provide new opportunities in sports. Kapil Dev has created his account on twitter and he has tweeted about this new league which are already trending and going viral on social media. In order to engage users and create excitement among people, Kapil has posted five promotional videos tagging some of the India renowned celebrities and popular sports personality. After watching the videos have a speculation that the new league gives less importance to heart and there is high probability of failure if the game is played without using brain. Moreover I have found people are still guessing over twitter and some of them are saying that it could be a celebrity quiz game or ten over cricket match. There is new wave coming after success of Indian Premier League and all credit to Kapil Dev.

There is a chance that the new league is not about passion and showing physical performance on the field but doing things in a smarter way. It could also involve use of technology and group of people. It may have the same format of different teams like in Indian Premier League where they compete with each other to win the trophy. The game format may be such that it involves patience and use of management skills and some sort of entertainment with it. The first promotion picture also portrays Kapil Dev standing and pointing his finger to the head. This is clear indication that head is going to rule over heart and you need to have out of box idea to win the game.

My view on this league is that it could give common man the chance to play with celebrities and show their talent. One of the message from the great Kapil Dev is about that we should never retire and always fight back to face the difficult situation in our life. It could also aim at raising money for charity purposes which could help in giving a new lease of life to people who are not able to play sports due to financial reasons. The league may also help celebrities to try something new and different which could help them to unlock their new potential. I am excited to know more about it in coming days.

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