All about Life

I cherish every small moment spent at my home with my family, my Husband, my in-laws. By seeing all those family pictures and videos, cherishes that moment more. I can proudly say that I have such a great family that gave me such a great motivation to look forward in Life, without any negative thoughts & fears. Family union is the key to success which will never let you down. Being together with family makes me positive and happy. I am blessed with such a family where we are support to each other in all phases of life, whatever is the situation and we stand together for each other. Their hugs and blessings for me work as symbols of courage and guidance to go ahead and always look beyond and get success with flying colours.

Next what is close to my heart is food. I am big foodie and love to eat food whether I am at home or outside in my office. I love to cook and prepare meals for my family every day when I come out of office. Cooking dishes and preparing dishes for my parents is the best way to serve and thank them for everything. All these years I have been preparing food like the old traditional way and there is not any upgrade or new style of looking. The point is that having my favourite dishes with my family and friends gives me so many satisfaction and reason to spend time together.

I am also very adventurous person & love to try & experience various adventurous sports. I have experienced many of the adventurous sports like deep sea diving, Para sailing, River Rafting. I usually try to take break from my office work and go to such adventure trips so that I can pursue some adventure activities and celebrate freedom in life. Then I want to capture each & very moment in my Life with my hobby of photography. Learning music is another thing which helps me to cheer up. I really felt proud of myself when my learning of harmonium helped me and my team in office to perform at one of the team meetings. Indoor games are another thing that makes me active and playing with my cousins is the best way to enjoy when they come to my home.

All I hope that all these things are there with me so that I can live a happy life.

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