Redefine your smart phone experience!

Smartphone have changed our lifestyle and have become part of our life. We can search anything at any point of time with help of our smart phone. They are form of entertainment and help up to connect with the world. But all this happens till the time phone has battery power and internet facilities. I have a smart phone too but it does not support the latest android platform and everything which is needed. I urgently need an upgrade and recently heard about ASUS which is bringing a new phone in the market this month known as Asus Zenfone 2.I cannot hold from having this brilliant and sleek phone in my hand which has powerful camera and awesome battery power.

Here are my five reasons about why I want this phone and how it can redefine my smart phone experience to new level.

Authentic Camera

Usually smart phones do not have a great camera which could give brilliant shots in less light conditions. Even the flash sometimes does not give clear pictures. I love to take pictures with my friends and family members but feel embarrassed as my phone does not a good front camera which can capture the moment. Asus Zenfone has Pixel software to capture high definition photos. I am delighted with Asus Zenfone 2 as it captures instant moving motion shots due to zero shutter delay.

Double Speed Battery Charging

I am addicted to my phone and always online to check my social platform like twitter and face book etc. Being online twenty fours a day can drain the battery very fast and then I feel very uneasy and irritated with my phone. Charging my phone is also a big problem as it takes so much of time and by that time I am not connected to my friends and digital world. My job requires me to stay always online and check out the things happening on social platform.

Asus Zenfone can resolve this problem due its feature to charge the battery in not more than 39 minutes which is something unique and very useful advantage. I am dying to get hand to this phone so that my battery drain issue is solved.

Display Screen

My screen size of present smart phone is very small as compared to phones which are there in the market. I have to contently look out at small letters which strains my eyes and I feel tired after some time. I love phones which have big display screen size. Asus Zenfone has 5.5 inches screen size which can help me to read and see the things clearly without straining myself.

Asus Zenfone comes in so many cool and fresh colours which are attractive and matches my personality. I want to change my current black colour phone which looks dull.

Great Performance 

I am kind of mobile phone user who wants to capture everything and store in my smart phone. My current phone can keep only few songs and lack external memory card. I get a lot of trouble in removing files from my phone to my computer to get some more space in my mobile. In this regard Asus Zenfone has good memory storage option and does not require additional memory card. There is so much space in Zenfone that I can store thousands of pictures and songs and still have some space left.

Multiple Tasking 

Asus Zenfone 2 has Atom Intel processor which is far better than my current phone. In my device, it is difficult to do multiple things at same time and phone is not able to function and give the required response. This is reason why I prefer this smart phone.

This topic is written about ASUS India.

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