Family….this word itself describes bonding, strength, Togetherness. In such a busy, stressful and challenging World, one feels lot of strength with support of Family. One can face all ups and downs in life if you have the support of each other & togetherness. At least, I can proudly say that I am blessed with such a family where we are support to each other in all phases of life, whatever is the situation and we stand together for each other.

I would like to share one of the most memorable instances of my life which I spent with my family & nothing would have been better without their support. It was the day when I got engaged to one of the important person in my life i.e. my life partner. But this engagement would not have been possible without support of my loved ones, my family. It was such a memorable day at my home when my husband & my in-laws visited our home for this engagement ceremony. Though, I was little nervous meeting my in-laws for the first time. Out of nervousness, I felt lost and was not able can to talk to anyone. I was stressed about how my life is going to be, whether me and my husband will be able to get along together, whether I will be able to adjust with my new family, my husband etc. But, with family support & strength, looking into their happiness & joy, it made me so optimistic & I was able to gather that strength to overcome all my fears. I was able to cope up just because I was all around the ones I love the most & gave me courage to accept such a big change in my life and enjoy that moment, that day. That’s what you say, the POWER OF TOGETHERNESS.

I was so glad that I was entering into the new phase of my life with the blessings of my family, me & my husband’s family were all together at my home & cherishing that very Life time moment of my life, my engagement for which my parents waited for so long. Everyone at home was so happy, including my 3 years old nephew. We all laughed together, captured pictures & videos of our Engagement ceremony, had snacks & drinks, sang songs & danced together followed by dinner together.

Even today when I look back, I cherish that moment spent at my home with my family, my Husband, my in-laws. By seeing all those pictures and videos, cherishes that moment more.

Today, I can proudly say that I have such a great family that gave me such a great motivation to look forward in Life, without any negative thoughts & fears. Family Togetherness is the key to success which will never let you down.Being together with family makes me positive and happy.

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