At the age of 21, I started my career as customer relationship manager with one of the leading private banks in India and really felt proud of it being the only girl child in the family. It was good to meet customers and applying my knowledge to help them in providing financial solutions. The first three years were really good and found it really exciting but then doing the same work daily was getting hectic and then my life became very stressful and boring at times when you have to work every day for six days a week. I was not enjoying my work and it was more like a forced work. I had lost the charm of this job and it was now affecting my lifestyle and health. I was not feeling happy and there was no excitement or pleasure left in life. After three years, I felt exhausted and felt that I should live a better life and rejuvenate myself to find something new in life. There was something missing in job and life was just passing everyday without adventure and fun was missing my old college days where we had time to go to dell market with friends and enjoy all day. There was fun in bunking classes and watching movies.

I thought to change and take some risk in my life and decided to take a big step for resignation from my current job. Everyone told me to not take such a weird decision as my life was going smooth and getting a good job was very difficult in present scenario. But I stick to my decision and decided to do post graduation in finance. I joined coaching classes and started my preparation for entrance exam. I had to face lot of criticism due to my decision of leaving the job. But my result and good performance gave me the ticket to get admission in one of the best colleges in Mumbai.

Now when I again felt happy to get another chance to live myself and start a new life, there was hurdle by my mother who did not wanted to go to Mumbai alone for further education. I would give credit to my father for trusting in me and for his green signal to study out of town. It was not easy for me being a girl and living in another town but I managed to focus myself on studies and complete my post graduation in finance. I did miss homemade food and celebrating festivals with family and but made some good friends in the college. Also I joined the cultural community and participated in various events in the college. Then came the best part in the final semester, when I was hired by a multinational finance company with good pay package and opportunity to work from my home town itself.

It is now two years in the present company and I think my decision to leave my old job and take risk in life was a good step and I salute my father for motivating to go ahead with it.

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