Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

My long journey of life with such a smooth ride could not have been possible without my parents and family members. It could have taken a different turn if there were not there with me at different phases of my life cycle. I was the only girl child in the family and the best part was that they never discriminated me from other family members. The credit goes to my brother for supporting me to the fullest and accompanying me to face the challenges of life with full confidence.

My father always wanted me to become engineer but it was my brother who supported me to pursue my passion in finance and accounting studies. He was the one who talked to our parents as I was very shy in nature and never had the courage to tell my parents about my decision in life. He believed in me and my goals and gave me the freedom to do what I always to do. He took my responsibility and motivated me to handle different crisis situation in my life. There was also a situation when I was unwell and had lost my focus in studies due to my failure in one of the subjects in college. I was very depressed with myself and could not even talk to anyone and felt embarrassed about the situation. I would not eat and felt my life is over and I would not complete my bachelor of commerce studies. But somehow my brother came to rescue me in such a crucial moments of my life and held my hand and told me about my past achievements which gave me the confidence and recover my trust. He was the one who took me out of this worst situation of my life.

I owe a lot of credit to my brother for being the hero of my life. It was my campus placement time and I felt very disappointed at time due to rejections by companies. I would cry a lot and then many relatives would criticize me for not performing and would taunt me. My neighbour would also speak about my disappointments and laugh at me. But it was my brother who told me to hold my nerves and believe in god and give my best in the interview. At times, he would accompany me and give me directions to improve my oral communication and personality which really helped me to get more confidence and calm myself in the interview. My success in getting a good job goes to him and his words which helped me to pass over the tough times of my life.

I am very much thankful to God for bringing him in my life and my parents too. He is the one who made me more self reliant and better person.

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