After my marriage and entering into new family, I got some additional responsibilities. The best part of our marriage was few months back when I became a mother to a strong healthy baby boy and it was my best moment in my whole life. I am very delighted to become a mother and will always be thankful to God for giving me a new reason to live my life and again going through childhood phase with my baby.

I feel proud that my family and everyone around takes so much care of him and try to ensure that he is comfortable. I like everything about my baby boy and am his facial expression when he wakes up fresh in the morning. My baby boy is so much different from other babies in our society who are always crying and parents have a tough time and have difficulty in handling them. Though all others babies are cute and awesome but the reason why my baby does not cry and remain fresh all day is due to his proper sleep pattern and getting adequate sleep at right time.

One of the most important things for a baby is to understand baby sleep behaviour and develop a sleeping routine for him. It is essential to take sleep because it is directly related to baby initial growth and development.

In his first few months, I could sense that my baby cried when he felt hungry or tired. This gave me an indication to either feed him or take him in my arms and then pat him on his forehead so that he could stop crying and indulge in sleeping. Then quietly shift him to bed and close the door.

But still when the baby woke up after some time due to noise or other disturbance, then I would quickly took him in my arms and started to sing some nursery rhymes and kiss his forehead or pat again so that he can sleep again. I like singing technique as it helps the baby to recognize the mother voice and can stimulate sleeping reaction.

The most difficult part for parents is changing the clothes of baby several times in a day. But we cannot ignore as it is important to maintain hygiene and make the baby uncomfortable. I have experienced many times myself that my baby would stop crying after change of diapers and then again sleep. Diapers form an important part of clothing for kids as it can be easily removed and must be quality product like Pampers so that it can keep baby skin soft plus prevents rashes and helps baby to sleep.

The end result of following these different ways helps my baby to have a sound sleep every day. Also a mother, I felt that baby sleeping at right time, we had more discipline routine and now we all follow early to bed and early to rise.

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