Fighting Pimple everyday

Pimple on the face is small in size but it causes so much of irritation and issues while facing the society. The worst part is that it stays for days and leaves a mark on your face and you cannot do much about it. Acne and pimple are common skin issues in India where the pollution level is so high and the food we consume is so oily and there is tough competition with lot of challenges with stress and tension in early stages of life. This all are common issues which affects the skin and are considered as problem which arise to pimples.

Though pimple is not considered as serious skin issue but affects everyone suffering from it. Even I had to face mental and emotion challenges. When I was a teenager and went to coaching classes, students would laugh at me and often tried to ignore me and talk at a distance. Another problem was that my relatives thought that I was food junkie eating only junk food which was not true at all. Because of these pimples, I had to even hide my face and had issues meeting new people as they would ask me my face pimple. Then there was a face painting competition in my college but due to pimple and acne problem, I could not participate and lost the chance to win the prize.

At one point of time when I was losing my self confidence due to my face acne issues, I decided to take a step and visited a salon to take treatment and use various artificial skin solutions. But it leads to various other skin issues.Then my grandmother told me to use natural products and try to use Herbal plants and ayurvedic medicine made from Neem as they can help in curing skin related diseases due to their antibacterial and other properties. She further told me that Neem gives new life to our aging skin and remove excess oil and fights aging problem and you look younger. Now from past few years, I am using herbal and Neem related products and I can see and sense the difference myself. Though it takes time but it does not harm my skin or have any side effects.

On similar notes, Garnier has also come up with Garnier Pure Active Neem.I would be going to try this product as it based Neem extract and natural ingredient. To know more, check out links below and learn how Garnier products help to fight pimples. and

This post is part of  “Garnier Pure Active Neem” by Indiblogger.

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