Things that define me

In my family, everyone is an engineer background and they also wanted me to pursue the same stream but my interest and passion was different. I always had interests in mathematics, economics and finance. It fascinated me more as it was more kind of office work and help people to save money and invest at right places and understand importance of money. Being a modern girl, I took the decision to make my career in insurance and bank sector rather than following the family tradition of becoming an engineer. My passion for financial products helped me to get a job with one of the best private banks and then after few years, I got promotion and now today am the day when I get offers from many companies calling me to join them.


Even after getting completely settled in my life, I did not stop here and even went to start my own coaching classes on weekend for teaching school students in accounts. This way I was able to refresh my own knowledge and also teach students while earning part time income. I taught more than sixty students and then felt it was time to do something which I always wanted to do in my childhood. I joined the instrumental music classes in my area. There were two positives in joining the classes. One was that I learnt driving two wheeler so that I do not have to depend on anyone for dropping me and other main primary advantage was learning to play harmonium and other instruments. I really felt proud of myself when my learning of harmonium helped me and my team in office to perform at one of the team meetings.

Indoor games are another thing that makes me active and playing with my cousins is the best way to enjoy when they come at my home. Cooking dishes and preparing dishes for my parents is the best way to serve and thank them for everything. Initially I was not interested in cooking but once I started making bread then automatically I decided to learn everything from my mother. Then one day while attending one of the blogging meets, my cooking helped me win a nokia smartphone.This just shows that anything we learn can help you anytime and make you a winner. I am not stopping yet and still looking to explore and try more with different things and I can proudly tell everyone about things I did before I die.

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