Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

Life has always two sides and you have two choose one.It started quite early when in school while choosing the languages like French or Sanskrit etc and then passing the higher secondary exams and deciding the streams from commerce, on-medical or medical studies. There are two roads and maximum time either you end up following one road and thinks about other one. But I took the call and though Sanskrit was my secondary language but still I went forward to learn French outside the class.

holding snake


Let me move forward about choosing the right college and any decision you take in your life. It was my second or third interview when I was in final year and a private insurance company came to our campus. Since it was one of the first companies with good pay package, I wanted to join the company and grab the job and make my parents proud. I cleared the group discussion and technical interview round. Then as the HR final round interview started, they told me the job requires you to meet the clients personally and there will be night shifts and cold calling. At one point in the interview I thought to say yes but then realized that working in night shifts and calling clients is BPO job and not the profile matching my criteria and said sorry to them.

Few days past, everyone was cursing me for my decision as they thought I should have accepted their conditions. But I was strong and my parents supported my decision and they told me to look for a job which gives you a career and not money. As the luck favors the brave, I got selected in ICICI bank this team with the same salary package but job matching my profile. The only condition was that I had to relocate to Mumbai for six months training. I had to take a decision and finally said yes. It was difficult to convince but my parents agreed.After getting handsome package and stable job, I could have given full stop to my education but with dreams of becoming manager and leader, I accepted another challenge and did my MBA in finance during weekend. The journey is still not over and my goals still aspire me to change or to AND.

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