Get Quikr NXT! is the first thing which comes to my mind when I am looking for best deals when buying and selling products. I like the Quikr platform and its website because posting an ad takes hardly few seconds and there is no commission charged for the service. Quikr is definitely a great way to sell my old products which was not possible few years old and we have to sell it at scrap price. The success of Quikr is because of their excellent website and its features.

This time Quikr has introduced Quikr Nxt in order to help its users with effective communication and better privacy settings. Chat is always anytime preferable over phone call as it is much friendly and open approach. We can talk with freedom and there is no language barrier and confusion.Three main new features to use this platform are –

  1. Strong hold on my Privacy Settings

    With Quikr NXT feature, I have privilege to decide upon sharing my personal phone number while posting the free advertisement. It is simple by just clicking on that privacy feature and now people will see my ad and not my phone number. This will save me from unwanted calls from strangers and my phone number is not public anymore. Now I can post my advertisement with No Fikar, Chat Quikr”.

  2. Ease of Track with Chat History

    Quikr has introduced a new communication feature where I can easily check my last conversation with the seller. This is smart feature as now we do not have to store the buyer or seller details. I can ask more questions to the seller before buying the product with text messages and do not spend even a single penny from my pocket. Also as a seller when we post out any advertisement, we got multiple calls over the phone from buyers and sometimes forget about the exact conversation and there is a chance that buyer may quote us with reduced price. At this point of time, Quikr chat history option can help me in getting the exact details about our last conversation.

  3. Better way sharing of photos

    It is important for me to see the exact pictures and get all details before buying any product online. Sometimes people copy the images from internet or from other sites which makes it difficult to believe the seller and then we have to contact him over the phone or email to send the real time image and product description. This takes a lot of time and some time verbal communication over phone does not give transparency. There are also cases when seller is busy over other call or may be unable to receive the call due to signal issues or other problems. Quikr is right solution in such cases as we can share the picture anytime and see it again from checking the chat history feature. With messenger service, there is a chance that seller may respond to queries in a better way and also could connect with seller again to pitch the product without adding him on whatsapp or sending multimedia message over phone.

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Valentine Day Proposal

It has been two years since my arranged marriage and we could not had the opportunity to propose each other before marriage and it was all family affair and more of following traditional customs like any other couple in India. Last year was the first valentine day for us and the best part was he took time from the office hours to take me out for a candle light dinner and give me shopping vouchers to buy a new smartphone.We had a good time together and still enjoyed the moment. But I was waiting for him to propose him but that did not happened. It may be due to the fact that my husband is not very romantic and does not believe in showing off but I know he loves me very much and take care of me. I feel proud of him for supporting me to continue my education and work and not complaining to me about the food as I am still not perfect in cooking.

This time will be the second valentine day for us and to make this valentine special for my crush, I am going to propose him which will be totally unexpected being women. I am confident that I will be able to pull it off in a style and romantic way in order to light my relationship and thank by husband for giving me his love, time and everything. I am still not clear about the right way of proposal and have many different plans and ideas in my mind and this will require lot of preparation before the day of actual proposal.

One of the easy but cupid plan is to make arrangement for candle light dinner and make his favourite dishes on my own and gift him a special wine bottle with a new Titan watch. Then planning to give him a hug and just say the beautiful words expressing my emotions that I will love you forever till the last single breadth of my life

My other way is write a small letter with a love cupcake and keep it in his suitcase with a message to meet me at the same park in the evening where we met with the family members and accepted each other. I will be dressed in the same red wedding gown which I was wearing on the day of marriage and with all the makeup and everything reach the spot. Also I will take the ground mat and cook meals and then in the moonlight time and in the perfect ambience would plant a kiss on his cheeks and then lay on my knee grabbing his both hand and read my proposal to him. This would certainly need a lot of courage as it will be a public place and also usually men bow down the knee and hope he accepts my love and propose me their again after me in his style too of course with lovely presents.

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Fighting Pimple everyday

Pimple on the face is small in size but it causes so much of irritation and issues while facing the society. The worst part is that it stays for days and leaves a mark on your face and you cannot do much about it. Acne and pimple are common skin issues in India where the pollution level is so high and the food we consume is so oily and there is tough competition with lot of challenges with stress and tension in early stages of life. This all are common issues which affects the skin and are considered as problem which arise to pimples.

Though pimple is not considered as serious skin issue but affects everyone suffering from it. Even I had to face mental and emotion challenges. When I was a teenager and went to coaching classes, students would laugh at me and often tried to ignore me and talk at a distance. Another problem was that my relatives thought that I was food junkie eating only junk food which was not true at all. Because of these pimples, I had to even hide my face and had issues meeting new people as they would ask me my face pimple. Then there was a face painting competition in my college but due to pimple and acne problem, I could not participate and lost the chance to win the prize.

At one point of time when I was losing my self confidence due to my face acne issues, I decided to take a step and visited a salon to take treatment and use various artificial skin solutions. But it leads to various other skin issues.Then my grandmother told me to use natural products and try to use Herbal plants and ayurvedic medicine made from Neem as they can help in curing skin related diseases due to their antibacterial and other properties. She further told me that Neem gives new life to our aging skin and remove excess oil and fights aging problem and you look younger. Now from past few years, I am using herbal and Neem related products and I can see and sense the difference myself. Though it takes time but it does not harm my skin or have any side effects.

On similar notes, Garnier has also come up with Garnier Pure Active Neem.I would be going to try this product as it based Neem extract and natural ingredient. To know more, check out links below and learn how Garnier products help to fight pimples. and

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Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

Life has always two sides and you have two choose one.It started quite early when in school while choosing the languages like French or Sanskrit etc and then passing the higher secondary exams and deciding the streams from commerce, on-medical or medical studies. There are two roads and maximum time either you end up following one road and thinks about other one. But I took the call and though Sanskrit was my secondary language but still I went forward to learn French outside the class.

holding snake


Let me move forward about choosing the right college and any decision you take in your life. It was my second or third interview when I was in final year and a private insurance company came to our campus. Since it was one of the first companies with good pay package, I wanted to join the company and grab the job and make my parents proud. I cleared the group discussion and technical interview round. Then as the HR final round interview started, they told me the job requires you to meet the clients personally and there will be night shifts and cold calling. At one point in the interview I thought to say yes but then realized that working in night shifts and calling clients is BPO job and not the profile matching my criteria and said sorry to them.

Few days past, everyone was cursing me for my decision as they thought I should have accepted their conditions. But I was strong and my parents supported my decision and they told me to look for a job which gives you a career and not money. As the luck favors the brave, I got selected in ICICI bank this team with the same salary package but job matching my profile. The only condition was that I had to relocate to Mumbai for six months training. I had to take a decision and finally said yes. It was difficult to convince but my parents agreed.After getting handsome package and stable job, I could have given full stop to my education but with dreams of becoming manager and leader, I accepted another challenge and did my MBA in finance during weekend. The journey is still not over and my goals still aspire me to change or to AND.

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Things that define me

In my family, everyone is an engineer background and they also wanted me to pursue the same stream but my interest and passion was different. I always had interests in mathematics, economics and finance. It fascinated me more as it was more kind of office work and help people to save money and invest at right places and understand importance of money. Being a modern girl, I took the decision to make my career in insurance and bank sector rather than following the family tradition of becoming an engineer. My passion for financial products helped me to get a job with one of the best private banks and then after few years, I got promotion and now today am the day when I get offers from many companies calling me to join them.


Even after getting completely settled in my life, I did not stop here and even went to start my own coaching classes on weekend for teaching school students in accounts. This way I was able to refresh my own knowledge and also teach students while earning part time income. I taught more than sixty students and then felt it was time to do something which I always wanted to do in my childhood. I joined the instrumental music classes in my area. There were two positives in joining the classes. One was that I learnt driving two wheeler so that I do not have to depend on anyone for dropping me and other main primary advantage was learning to play harmonium and other instruments. I really felt proud of myself when my learning of harmonium helped me and my team in office to perform at one of the team meetings.

Indoor games are another thing that makes me active and playing with my cousins is the best way to enjoy when they come at my home. Cooking dishes and preparing dishes for my parents is the best way to serve and thank them for everything. Initially I was not interested in cooking but once I started making bread then automatically I decided to learn everything from my mother. Then one day while attending one of the blogging meets, my cooking helped me win a nokia smartphone.This just shows that anything we learn can help you anytime and make you a winner. I am not stopping yet and still looking to explore and try more with different things and I can proudly tell everyone about things I did before I die.

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