Shaving -Sign of Luck or Confidence

I have often heard from many people especially from personality development trainers about how clean shave and well groomed look can impress others and edge over others. Shaving brings luck or confidence is a matter of research for me. I believe that whenever the opportunity is there, we should believe in giving our best and leave rest to God. Most of the times, we often miss the important advice and are not fully prepared for the task and then we blame our luck and give excuses. It is all about how we see the things and efforts we put to make it success. For instance, if we are going for interview, we should know about the company, prepare our cover letter and be well dressed and shave. Shaving do brings good impression as a sign of confidence and smartness. As I feel personality and well maintained look plays an important role in giving competitive advantage over people who care less about themselves and their image.

I have often heard stories during my college time from my friends that many male candidates got rejected despite better performance in aptitude test due to their negligence and lazy attitude of facing the interview with stubble looks. While in our college photo session, all girls used to sit in the front row while boys standing at the back. But the photographer pointed out to the guy with beard and long hair to stand at the right side despite his small height. This clearly shows that everyone wants to have people who are smart and well groomed.

Even I found men who have solid body posture and clean face more attractive and sexy. Men with beard gives wrong impression and it is felt either they are uneducated, depressed or criminal coming from jail. With beard, we often cannot see the whole face and cannot judge the person and cannot make out his real face appearance. Right before joining my first job, all candidates were given grooming classes and boys were told to shave daily before coming to office. Shaving and being presentable should not only be done for others but also to look healthy and fit.

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