Shave before Wedding and Lost Charm

Taking about my past college life before our marriage, my husband would take my calls and we used to talk for hours and engaged with each other. He used to give me gifts and send me love letters. Actually when we met first time in college, we had made some sort of connection with each other and after 3 years, we took our relationship to the next level. One thing which I always loved about him was his dashing personality. He used to wear designer outfits and used to shave daily. His face did not have any beard.Every college girl was fan of his looks and admires him. After the completion of our graduation, we decided to get married and tied the knot.

Four years have passed now but things are not the same as after marriage. His looks and habits have changed and his attraction for me is also little less. With additional work and responsibilities, he is a completely changed person. He has grown full beard which covers right from his head up to his neck. His moustache is quite thick and sometimes my cousin tries to hide from him when they come to my home. It is also said that women takes more time in dressing while going out for functions but in my case, my husband takes more time in front of mirror to set up his moustache style.

Last month, I had my cousin sister marriage in New Delhi and I told him to remove his beard as I loved his old face plus he looked more handsome without it. I kept on pushing at it till the day of marriage but he did not listen to my advice at all. I bought some winter clothes and traditional dresses for various functions. Everything was perfect and only thing which was not matching was his beard. We attended all the function and got ourselves clicked with many relatives and during different occassions.After a month; I invited my cousin sister for dinner with us and also asked her to bring the marriage photo album and video in the pen drive. As I flipped through the photos, I found our family photo and felt that my husband was not looking as I had wished and compared it with our marriage pictures. Even he realized the same after looking the pictures and promised me to remove the beard and shave again. I wish he could have removed the stubble look earlier and grew it again after the cousin wedding. It was a missed opportunity.

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