Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein

There is nothing better than the feeling of looking into the mirror with the proud feeling for us and able to stand up for our mistakes without any guilt and confidence. Everyone commits mistakes in their life and try to cover it up by either making some excuses or lying to others. As a human, we are often afraid of posts scenario and the consequences. But with the new television advertisement from Kinley Mineral water gives me it viewers the way to overcome our mistakes and be bold to speak in any kind of situation.

I had a close friend in my school and her name was Pragati.It was her birthday in next few days and I wanted to gift her branded perfume but the problem with me was my pocket-money was not enough to fund the gift. I started saving the money but realized that it will take a long time. So thought of a plan and started to steal some money from my dad purse. My dad had a perception in my mind that mom was taking the money. There was a lot of confusion when mom pointed out that she was not the one taking the money. At that point, we had a maid who was working with us and everyone thought she is stealing it. The situation was getting out of hand and then I took the brave step about telling the truth. After listening to me, my mom did scold me and taught me a lesson. But I was happy that my maid did not lose her job. Even my father did not take the money back but told me to buy gift for my friend. 

I still remember my story of truth which happened during my summer vacation when I was 14 years old. It was evening time and my mother had given me five hundred rupees and told me bring bread, butter and other household items. Also I was instructed to buy chocolate bar and chips packet for me and my brother. At that point of time, there were not many calculators and vendors used manual calculation for adding up items. The bill stated to me around 350 Rupees and I paid the bill to the shop owner. While walking back to my home, I was little surprised and checked the bill as the amount seems to be less as compared to items against the bill. At that point, I was very happy that the shop owner charged hundred rupees less and made a mistake. With the extra amount, I thought of buying a big chocolate box for me and ice cream brick for my brother. I went to the same shop again and asked the store boy about the price of chocolate box. Now I was fully confirmed that shopkeeper does not remember his mistake. But my inner mind started asking questions to me and my conscience did not allow me. I gave shop owner hundred rupees and told him that he had not charged for the egg tray and milk which was kept outside and I took it from his helper. The shop owner was really happy seeing my honesty and gave me a chocolate as a reward

Such real instances tell about how rewarding it can be when you speak up and realize your mistake.

This post is part of  Indiblogger happy hours campaign – purity in every drop and Kinley Mineral water.

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