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We had an arranged marriage and after many years of marriage, our first child Anshul was born and it was the most important moment for the family. We really felt blessed at that point of time and in order to thank God, we decided to take a holy trip and vacations with our baby. But everyone suggested to wait as it was not the right time and baby was too small and even doctor told us to delay it for a year. Somehow in next two years, we finally decided to visit Katra when Anshul was just two years old. I was really excited and happy to travel with my baby first time out of the house after waiting for so much time. We took extra precaution to take care and took all the essential stuff required during the trip. The trip was successful and since then, we had made a point to take vacations and take our child to different places in India ranging from mountains, valleys and beach side across the country.

In order to make my vacation best of time, all I want is to see my child face with excitement and jumping with joy. When travelling with kids, I usually buy a travel magazine or tourist guide-book, so that my children can read the book as well as gain some knowledge before getting to that point. Also as a parent, I make sure kids are always near me and in sight when travelling. I give them directions in case of emergency and prevent them from taking anything from strangers.

Planned Vacations brings the best for child and I would recommend every parent to have fun with kids by taking him to educational tours and world heritage sites or boat rides across Kerala.I can see myself as my kid has so learned about country geographical features or about various bird species or tourists places through the trips. With trips and holidays, my child has become more responsible and confident. The best part is that now he can manage to pack his own bags, check-in at the ticket country, be himself and still do not get lost. He has a got a travel diary of his own and also never misses to click photographs of places we travel. During our last trip, Anshul ordered the stuff himself and took the initiative to co-ordinate with us for booking the tickets and also helped us saving time by getting us through web check in.This is all due to his learning and experience from trips taken over past years.

I consider vacations as a way to learn and discover nature with kids. But vacations should be such that it should be planned with consideration of various factors from political, social and security point of view. We all should plan out in way that kids can attain maximum benefit while enjoying and having fun. From my experience, I can point out that kids are not interested in staying at luxury hotels or having spa. They look for entertainment and fun games.When kids are happy, then the satisfaction cannot be expressed in words about the family vacation and we pray for more and more such vacations.

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