My birthday wish #Will you Shave

I look celebrating my birthday every year with my close friends and relatives. I love to cut cake, get birthday presents and eat delicious food at a luxury restaurant. I feel lucky that my parents always fulfill my wishes and give me the gifts whatever I want in my life if possible for them. But after my marriage, I shifted to my new home and started living with my husband and his parents. The freedom is less now as I am more engaged with additional responsibility and take care of family. I get less time to look at myself while my husband also feels our relationship is getting affected. Talking about my husband, he is hard working, smart and handsome but few months back, he started to grow his beard to avoid shave daily. I did not like his new look at all and asked him several times to remove the stubble as it was not matching or looking good on him. Also my father in law was on my side and told him that such looks can affect his professional life as people prefer to do business that have clean shave and maintain their personality. Nothing was affecting him and he avoided me and tried to change the topic whenever I tried to convince him. Even at one point of time, my nephew who came to our house got scared because of his stubble face and started to cry. The issue started to affect our marriage life and one day I told him that either you remove your beard or don’t talk to me.

My birthday was on the cards and in order to impress me, my husband asked me about what gift I am expecting. Last time, he gave me Titan watch and flowers. This time was different as our relations were not as good as last year and I just told him that it will be surprise for you. Then came the special day, I told him that you are my love and everything. All I want you to clear this stubble and shave again. I want to see you back in the same look like before. All I want is my husband back and a promise that you will not grow such weird beard again. He started laughing and accepted my wish. Later in the evening we invited everyone to our home and enjoyed his clean look again.

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