Shave Do Matters – First date

I love using social sites and chatting with friends. My college exams had just finished and I was feeling bored in our college hostel as most of my friends had left their rooms and there were not many girls left in the hostel building. I also wanted to go home and spend time with my family as there was not much left to do now and no classes for next ten days. My train booking was not confirmed and was in waiting list. But I was not that lucky to board the train that day as it was not confirmed and I had to cancel my plan and stay in the hostel. Feeling disappointed and alone, I had no idea about what should I do for next ten days. Then one of my friends who also could not go home decided to shift in my room and we can give company to each other.

To pass our time, we thought of creating a false profile on matrimonial website and fill the details. As my profile was confirmed, I started getting profile views and email messages. One of the profiles was quite impressive and the boy was young, handsome and was earning good salary. I was bowled out on his looks and was attracted to him. I thought of meeting up and send him request you to chat online. Once the chat was approved, we started talking to each other and came to know lot about him. His work experience and his criteria for selecting the dream girl. Our friendship and chat increased from minutes to hours. Then he invited me to have a coffee for meeting me personally. I talked to my friend about it as the matter was getting serious and I wanted to tell him truth before getting into relationship.

With some courage, I decided to meet him and reveal myself. When I met him at the shopping complex, he was a completely different person altogether, He had long beard and stubble face. I felt as if he did not shave from more than a month. His personality was like a saint. The inner voice within started talking to me saying that this is not the right person for you. Now I had to find an excuse and move from the site. I just asked him that I am going to washroom and till them you order something. While he was waiting for me, I quickly stepped out of the shopping complex and took the cab back to hostel. Next thing I did was deleted the profile and account from the site.

I am sure if he had clean shave without stubble, the story could be something else. Thanks to God, I saved myself from getting in such relationship.

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