Shave before Wedding and Lost Charm

Taking about my past college life before our marriage, my husband would take my calls and we used to talk for hours and engaged with each other. He used to give me gifts and send me love letters. Actually when we met first time in college, we had made some sort of connection with each other and after 3 years, we took our relationship to the next level. One thing which I always loved about him was his dashing personality. He used to wear designer outfits and used to shave daily. His face did not have any beard.Every college girl was fan of his looks and admires him. After the completion of our graduation, we decided to get married and tied the knot.

Four years have passed now but things are not the same as after marriage. His looks and habits have changed and his attraction for me is also little less. With additional work and responsibilities, he is a completely changed person. He has grown full beard which covers right from his head up to his neck. His moustache is quite thick and sometimes my cousin tries to hide from him when they come to my home. It is also said that women takes more time in dressing while going out for functions but in my case, my husband takes more time in front of mirror to set up his moustache style.

Last month, I had my cousin sister marriage in New Delhi and I told him to remove his beard as I loved his old face plus he looked more handsome without it. I kept on pushing at it till the day of marriage but he did not listen to my advice at all. I bought some winter clothes and traditional dresses for various functions. Everything was perfect and only thing which was not matching was his beard. We attended all the function and got ourselves clicked with many relatives and during different occassions.After a month; I invited my cousin sister for dinner with us and also asked her to bring the marriage photo album and video in the pen drive. As I flipped through the photos, I found our family photo and felt that my husband was not looking as I had wished and compared it with our marriage pictures. Even he realized the same after looking the pictures and promised me to remove the beard and shave again. I wish he could have removed the stubble look earlier and grew it again after the cousin wedding. It was a missed opportunity.

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Shaving -Sign of Luck or Confidence

I have often heard from many people especially from personality development trainers about how clean shave and well groomed look can impress others and edge over others. Shaving brings luck or confidence is a matter of research for me. I believe that whenever the opportunity is there, we should believe in giving our best and leave rest to God. Most of the times, we often miss the important advice and are not fully prepared for the task and then we blame our luck and give excuses. It is all about how we see the things and efforts we put to make it success. For instance, if we are going for interview, we should know about the company, prepare our cover letter and be well dressed and shave. Shaving do brings good impression as a sign of confidence and smartness. As I feel personality and well maintained look plays an important role in giving competitive advantage over people who care less about themselves and their image.

I have often heard stories during my college time from my friends that many male candidates got rejected despite better performance in aptitude test due to their negligence and lazy attitude of facing the interview with stubble looks. While in our college photo session, all girls used to sit in the front row while boys standing at the back. But the photographer pointed out to the guy with beard and long hair to stand at the right side despite his small height. This clearly shows that everyone wants to have people who are smart and well groomed.

Even I found men who have solid body posture and clean face more attractive and sexy. Men with beard gives wrong impression and it is felt either they are uneducated, depressed or criminal coming from jail. With beard, we often cannot see the whole face and cannot judge the person and cannot make out his real face appearance. Right before joining my first job, all candidates were given grooming classes and boys were told to shave daily before coming to office. Shaving and being presentable should not only be done for others but also to look healthy and fit.

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Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein

There is nothing better than the feeling of looking into the mirror with the proud feeling for us and able to stand up for our mistakes without any guilt and confidence. Everyone commits mistakes in their life and try to cover it up by either making some excuses or lying to others. As a human, we are often afraid of posts scenario and the consequences. But with the new television advertisement from Kinley Mineral water gives me it viewers the way to overcome our mistakes and be bold to speak in any kind of situation.

I had a close friend in my school and her name was Pragati.It was her birthday in next few days and I wanted to gift her branded perfume but the problem with me was my pocket-money was not enough to fund the gift. I started saving the money but realized that it will take a long time. So thought of a plan and started to steal some money from my dad purse. My dad had a perception in my mind that mom was taking the money. There was a lot of confusion when mom pointed out that she was not the one taking the money. At that point, we had a maid who was working with us and everyone thought she is stealing it. The situation was getting out of hand and then I took the brave step about telling the truth. After listening to me, my mom did scold me and taught me a lesson. But I was happy that my maid did not lose her job. Even my father did not take the money back but told me to buy gift for my friend. 

I still remember my story of truth which happened during my summer vacation when I was 14 years old. It was evening time and my mother had given me five hundred rupees and told me bring bread, butter and other household items. Also I was instructed to buy chocolate bar and chips packet for me and my brother. At that point of time, there were not many calculators and vendors used manual calculation for adding up items. The bill stated to me around 350 Rupees and I paid the bill to the shop owner. While walking back to my home, I was little surprised and checked the bill as the amount seems to be less as compared to items against the bill. At that point, I was very happy that the shop owner charged hundred rupees less and made a mistake. With the extra amount, I thought of buying a big chocolate box for me and ice cream brick for my brother. I went to the same shop again and asked the store boy about the price of chocolate box. Now I was fully confirmed that shopkeeper does not remember his mistake. But my inner mind started asking questions to me and my conscience did not allow me. I gave shop owner hundred rupees and told him that he had not charged for the egg tray and milk which was kept outside and I took it from his helper. The shop owner was really happy seeing my honesty and gave me a chocolate as a reward

Such real instances tell about how rewarding it can be when you speak up and realize your mistake.

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Teddy Travelogues

We had an arranged marriage and after many years of marriage, our first child Anshul was born and it was the most important moment for the family. We really felt blessed at that point of time and in order to thank God, we decided to take a holy trip and vacations with our baby. But everyone suggested to wait as it was not the right time and baby was too small and even doctor told us to delay it for a year. Somehow in next two years, we finally decided to visit Katra when Anshul was just two years old. I was really excited and happy to travel with my baby first time out of the house after waiting for so much time. We took extra precaution to take care and took all the essential stuff required during the trip. The trip was successful and since then, we had made a point to take vacations and take our child to different places in India ranging from mountains, valleys and beach side across the country.

In order to make my vacation best of time, all I want is to see my child face with excitement and jumping with joy. When travelling with kids, I usually buy a travel magazine or tourist guide-book, so that my children can read the book as well as gain some knowledge before getting to that point. Also as a parent, I make sure kids are always near me and in sight when travelling. I give them directions in case of emergency and prevent them from taking anything from strangers.

Planned Vacations brings the best for child and I would recommend every parent to have fun with kids by taking him to educational tours and world heritage sites or boat rides across Kerala.I can see myself as my kid has so learned about country geographical features or about various bird species or tourists places through the trips. With trips and holidays, my child has become more responsible and confident. The best part is that now he can manage to pack his own bags, check-in at the ticket country, be himself and still do not get lost. He has a got a travel diary of his own and also never misses to click photographs of places we travel. During our last trip, Anshul ordered the stuff himself and took the initiative to co-ordinate with us for booking the tickets and also helped us saving time by getting us through web check in.This is all due to his learning and experience from trips taken over past years.

I consider vacations as a way to learn and discover nature with kids. But vacations should be such that it should be planned with consideration of various factors from political, social and security point of view. We all should plan out in way that kids can attain maximum benefit while enjoying and having fun. From my experience, I can point out that kids are not interested in staying at luxury hotels or having spa. They look for entertainment and fun games.When kids are happy, then the satisfaction cannot be expressed in words about the family vacation and we pray for more and more such vacations.

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Rise above fear :Python in my Neck

Talking about one thing in life, I fear the most are the snakes. But the reality and truth is that I have never seen a real snake or even got close to it. It is a myth or perception in my mind that snakes are very dangerous and evil. I feel that I am suffering from snake phobia. Snakes have been troubling me right when I started playing the snake and ladder games. I have always lost because of them when playing with friends. Also the television and media have always shown snakes a negative character and movies like Anaconda and Discovery channel shows has created hype about them and this has created a fear in me since childhood. The fear of snakes in me has never decreased and it always haunts me in my dreams too. In order to sleep, I always keep my doors and windows closed and never watch anything with snakes involved in it.

I used so many different strategies to avoid this weird creature and stay away from it but somehow it used to haunt me until one day I got a chance to hold a real snake in my hand. All this started with an email which I got from my boss about visit to our International head office. Last year I travelled to Singapore for official trip and meeting our global team. It was a seven-day trip and I finished my work in five days and next two were holidays before I had to catch my flight back to India and report on Monday. With no family and feeling lonely in Singapore, I decided to explore and discover the Singapore tourist attractions with my global team mates coming from different countries. We had a good time and decided to visit the Santosa Island and famous Singapore zoo.

We got the opportunity to see variety of species, mammals, and reptiles and also attend the animal zoo. The zoo authorities organised a special show for tourists which was quite amazing. I really enjoyed the way zoo animals followed the instructions of the zoo keepers. At one point of time, there was a long healthy python crawling and hanging on the neck. I felt very scared and feared seeing the snake and wild thoughts started flowing in my mind. I could not move from my seat at all and the python movements were such as if it is looking for the opportunity and may attack the zoo keeper at any point of time. The lady sitting next to me was quite brave and volunteered her ten years old child to hold the python. For me, it was scary and I asked her about if she and her child had no fear of snakes. She smiled at me and told that pythons do not have teeth and are trained. They will not harm the child.



Seeing the child holding the python, the zoo keeper announced that if anyone wants to hold it too. I also thought about it for a while and thought that I should rise to this occasion and take this as an opportunity to fight against my fear. I stood up and walked towards the stage. My hands were shaking but zoo keepers told me to be bold and pythons will not harm. Then slowly they put the heavy python in my hand and his body over my neck. I could not believe holding the python without any fear overcoming my fear.



Then I asked the zoo keeper to quickly click my picture holding the snake with my mobile so that it remains a memorable memory and my victory over my fear or snake phobia.

I urge everyone to rise against their fear and watch this video and check their social page for motivation.

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My birthday wish #Will you Shave

I look celebrating my birthday every year with my close friends and relatives. I love to cut cake, get birthday presents and eat delicious food at a luxury restaurant. I feel lucky that my parents always fulfill my wishes and give me the gifts whatever I want in my life if possible for them. But after my marriage, I shifted to my new home and started living with my husband and his parents. The freedom is less now as I am more engaged with additional responsibility and take care of family. I get less time to look at myself while my husband also feels our relationship is getting affected. Talking about my husband, he is hard working, smart and handsome but few months back, he started to grow his beard to avoid shave daily. I did not like his new look at all and asked him several times to remove the stubble as it was not matching or looking good on him. Also my father in law was on my side and told him that such looks can affect his professional life as people prefer to do business that have clean shave and maintain their personality. Nothing was affecting him and he avoided me and tried to change the topic whenever I tried to convince him. Even at one point of time, my nephew who came to our house got scared because of his stubble face and started to cry. The issue started to affect our marriage life and one day I told him that either you remove your beard or don’t talk to me.

My birthday was on the cards and in order to impress me, my husband asked me about what gift I am expecting. Last time, he gave me Titan watch and flowers. This time was different as our relations were not as good as last year and I just told him that it will be surprise for you. Then came the special day, I told him that you are my love and everything. All I want you to clear this stubble and shave again. I want to see you back in the same look like before. All I want is my husband back and a promise that you will not grow such weird beard again. He started laughing and accepted my wish. Later in the evening we invited everyone to our home and enjoyed his clean look again.

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Shave Do Matters – First date

I love using social sites and chatting with friends. My college exams had just finished and I was feeling bored in our college hostel as most of my friends had left their rooms and there were not many girls left in the hostel building. I also wanted to go home and spend time with my family as there was not much left to do now and no classes for next ten days. My train booking was not confirmed and was in waiting list. But I was not that lucky to board the train that day as it was not confirmed and I had to cancel my plan and stay in the hostel. Feeling disappointed and alone, I had no idea about what should I do for next ten days. Then one of my friends who also could not go home decided to shift in my room and we can give company to each other.

To pass our time, we thought of creating a false profile on matrimonial website and fill the details. As my profile was confirmed, I started getting profile views and email messages. One of the profiles was quite impressive and the boy was young, handsome and was earning good salary. I was bowled out on his looks and was attracted to him. I thought of meeting up and send him request you to chat online. Once the chat was approved, we started talking to each other and came to know lot about him. His work experience and his criteria for selecting the dream girl. Our friendship and chat increased from minutes to hours. Then he invited me to have a coffee for meeting me personally. I talked to my friend about it as the matter was getting serious and I wanted to tell him truth before getting into relationship.

With some courage, I decided to meet him and reveal myself. When I met him at the shopping complex, he was a completely different person altogether, He had long beard and stubble face. I felt as if he did not shave from more than a month. His personality was like a saint. The inner voice within started talking to me saying that this is not the right person for you. Now I had to find an excuse and move from the site. I just asked him that I am going to washroom and till them you order something. While he was waiting for me, I quickly stepped out of the shopping complex and took the cab back to hostel. Next thing I did was deleted the profile and account from the site.

I am sure if he had clean shave without stubble, the story could be something else. Thanks to God, I saved myself from getting in such relationship.

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