Impressive Looks

Marriage and having relationship is most important part of our life. We need someone with whom you can look up till the last breadth. Two years back before getting married, my parents felt that I have become old enough and mature too that now I need to have a family and enjoy my life with someone who can love me more than anything else. My mother started talking to everyone from close relatives, family members, social sites, brokers and match makers. While my mother believed in arrange marriage but my father was more open minded and asked me if I had a boyfriend or someone in my life.

Then one day while having dinner with my cousin sister who came to visit us enquired about what qualities I am looking in a boy and my dream husband. I was straight on this issue and told that one should be educated and qualified with handsome six figure salary, be honest and should give attention to personal hygiene. During out conversation, suddenly my father phone rang. The call was related to my marriage and my father felt that it was matching our criteria and decided to invite the boy and his family to Shipra mall in Ghaziabad where we can meet each other and talk further. Meanwhile the boy sent his passport photograph on my email address. I liked the photo and he really looked handsome with clean shave.

Next day we went in the evening to the Mall and waited for them. My father was not happy as they came late by 30 minutes. Next thing the boy came without shave and had long beard. He had not even comb his hair and was wearing blue jeans with yellow shirt. It was totally different personality from the photo of the boy. His first impression was not impressive at all and his stubble look was the main reason I rejected the boy even before asking any questions to him. This made me realize too that photograph cannot be the criteria for selection and well groomed personality really matters and makes great impact.

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