The Power of Voice to Clean India

It is the universal story that until we work hard or raise our voice or revolt against any issue, nothing is going to happen or change. We all know that even a new born baby cries to grab his mother attention and get some food or milk as the baby cannot speak at that point of time. We can see the same from our ancient historic period when rulers used to fight against each other to increase their kingdom and rule. The same philosophy was applied during the struggle for independence when Mahatma Gandhi took the fight against British rule using non violence and winning after many years. The strategy applies even in today as company wants to hire employees who have good communication skills and be open minded. But the real tragedy is that even after independence and almost fifty years have passed, we have not been able to develop India as a global states where everyone think of us as most beautiful country. The problem is that we have not followed the rules and take them for granted. Mahatma Gandhi used to dream India as Clean and pollution free India. But we have not been able to deliver and stand up to his expectations at all.

It is the state of mind and people neglecting the cleanliness issue for decades has caused lot of health and hygiene issues for majority of population. India has less public toilets and public defecation is common as we move out of the cities. Even the educated class has not come forward to fight and raise awareness among poor people. We all think this problem is due to government negligence approach and their duty to clean it. But with the BJP government rule and under the leadership of our new prime minister, the basics issues like building public toilets and sanitation are being taken off and given priority. Clean India initiative aims to bring tourists and investors to come to India and be part of its growth story. We should grab this opportunity with both hands and be part of Clean India campaign by speaking up to our family members and friends to clean our society and roads clean. We need to actively participate and come forward by speaking up and raise awareness through cleanliness drive or donating money for building toilets.

Besides cleaning India, we are also having many more social issues in the society which leads to global shame and bad impression to the country image. As a citizen of this state, it is our duty to fight against the issues like corruption, sexual exploitation etc and prevents such acts and contribute to safer India. Various organizations have come forward to social causes and one of them is Strepsils. Strepsils India has recently launched its digital campaign #AbMontuBolega where Montu encourages people to participate and speak up and present their opinion without hesitation about social issues through  Face book and Twitter .They have also uploaded a YouTube video which is being watched across social networks to motivate people to come forward for welfare of society and be part of this campaign. The video shows how Montu gets the power to speak up after taking strepsil.

Strepsil facebook page

Login today on their website now and speak up!

This post is written for IndiBlogger Indi-Happy Hour contest associated with #AbMontuBolega Strepsils campaign.

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