Bring Back The Touch

We all go through several stages in our life. First stage is the sweet childhood stage where we enjoy playing and have no worries at all. It is best time when we learn so many new things, make new friends and play all day. Next comes the bachelor stage in which enter into college life, try to look smart and impress our friends and pay less attention to parents. We make some friends in college who sometime remain forever in our lives. In certain cases, this friendship turns into love relationship and later on into love marriage. As this move forward, we get from bachelorhood to Single nest Couple as we live together. This is the most exciting stage in our life as we choose our life partner for our life with whom we are going to spend our rest of life and share our happiness and be strong in hard times. It is often found in many cases that first few years of marriage are considered as golden period and honeymoon phase. But as the responsibility increases the love starts to fade away, we move into next phase where we have children and focus shifts to parenting and all efforts are made to teach and educate child. Parents feel more stressed as they don’t have much experience handling the kids and losses patience many times. The child is not able to get enough time and care from parents if they both are working. Sometimes father is unable to attend the parent teacher meeting while mother is busy in running the house. The love is lost somewhere and husband is not interested in taking time to please her wife.

When I see women group talking in the evening as they walk on the road, they often share about their family life issues and mother in law and her strict behaviour. They talk about before their marriage time when their husband used to call them ten times a day and take out time from office to go with them for shopping and giving them gifts. While I think they are correct in saying the same but I feel the issue is that after the marriage ,women seems to take care less about their husband due to burden of home responsibilities and do not greet them the same way as they did during initial days of marriage. Also husband cannot find the same sense of touch and feel attractiveness towards her wife.

As married women, I have gone through this phase myself and want to say that lost love can come back again and honeymoon phase can start again if we try to divert more time to ourselves and keeping us more fit and healthy. We should take care of our skin and I recommend using Parachute Advanced Body Lotion for making the skin soft. Many other options include giving gifts and taking more time and talk to your husband.

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