My 24K luxury home with Porcelanosa

Real estate is developing sector in India and we see with increase in nuclear families and growing population, the sector is growing at fast pace, Other reasons which are responsible for growth in real estate in our country is allowance 100 percent approval in Foreign Direct Investment without any rules and regulations. Real estate contributes five percent to GDP and plays major role in creating millions of jobs and turning dreams into homes for people of India. This has resulted in developing new India and creation of smart cities in India and Information technology parks. One such group which has joined hand to promote infrastructure and housing in India is Porcelanosa group. Porcelanosa offers whole range of products, from ceramic tiles and sanitary ware to cutting-edge building solutions, all with the same outstanding service and attention to detail that is synonymous with Porcelanosa showrooms.

I live in three bedrooms flat with my husband and for me; I see many issues living in the society. There are so many charges passed to us from car parking, club membership fees, maintenance charges and much more. But even after paying the bills, there is no electricity for hours and also water leak from the celing.The water comes only during night time that too for specific hours. The layout and construction has not been done in professional way and kitchen directly facing the washroom and doors without security alarm. There is no attached bathroom with bedroom and dining room lacks windows. We are living here just for living and cannot feel happiness within ourselves. I have decided that next time before shifting to new home, we will try to find a plot and build it on our own as per our budget.

With context to Porcelanosa, if I am given the authority with unlimited restrictions to design my house, I would make a house which has all the latest features and would be called as Smart home. Starting from the bedroom, there will be at least two wardrobes, one for me and other for my husband. The wardrobe should be such that they are multiple shelves for keeping jewellery and precious gems. Also I can keep my make up kit box and my books on other side. There should be plenty of space to keep big suitcases and storage space for keeping winter clothes or extra clothes.

b1   b2 


My kitchen should be such that I can easily walk around one corner to another and small table where I can sit and cut vegetables. There should be glass shelf to keep expensive crockery. I am in love with KRION® Solid Surface kitchen from Porcelanosa. The best part about it is that it is resistant to chemical solvents and does not get damaged while cleaning with acids.

n1  n2


I always want to have Bathroom which are big enough to have Jacuzzi and bath tub where I can lay down and enjoy.The tap and wash basin should have electronic sensor so that it automatically detects my hand.

sd hg

Floor and Wall TIles

I would further add Laminate flooring and XLIGHT wall tiles choosing from Porcelanosa collection. The reason is due to long life and less maintenance.

us kl

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