Maslow Model in Making India

Everything we do on planet earth revolves around to meet our physchological need of having food.This food is something we all live for and no matter if we are rich or poor,at the end of the day,food is what really matters.Certainly,there is another fact which is also true about human beings that our stomach cannot keep food for long and the waste has to be secreted out.This leads to opening of another dimension where we need toilets.Gone are the ancient days of early man,when did not had cover our self and used to flush out in open without any shame. As the times progressed and we used our brains, things started to change and now we have got our own homes and beautifully designed toilets. But unfortunately all this led to division of our planet into countries and further on. Talking about my own country India, the difference between rich and poor has increased and rich is becoming richer and poor becoming poorer.

This all has caused uncertainties and man created nuisance everywhere in the homeland. Everyday travelling in Delhi metro, I can see people with big luxury cars driving in fast lane at high speed and throwing garbage on road without even thinking and on other hand, poor urinate and defecate along the road side as they don’t have access to toilet. Some people have reached a level and have fulfilled their social and security needs while certain are missing on basic things even today. There are schools in my locality where there are five star facilities with ceramic tiles toilets and attendant to take care and clean it daily while on same road, we have school where don’t have gate on their toilets and someone has to stand in front to ensure dignity.

With Indian population rising every year and there is no proper arrangement for housing and sanitation facilities; it seems that we may someday be considered as un-hygienic country. It is the fact that when we travel across length and breadth of our countryside via railways or our own conveyance, everywhere we find people defecating near the tracks or behind trees. This problem is very big and hurts brand image of our country when some tourist visits to see India. Our children are country future and if they urinate or deface in open and do not wash their hand, it could lead to serious health problems for them.

There is lot to be done to improve this crises situation and every effort is to develop New India which has access to proper sanitation and green environment. This requires role of government is making policies and providing subsidies for making toilets and make people aware about how a toilet can make their family healthy and free from diseases. As a citizen, we can volunteer ourselves by being part of nongovernmental organisations and give funds for construction of toilets in rural areas. We can also be part of Domex Initiative. All we need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.


By writing this blog,I pledge to keep my surrounding clean and help in contribution to Domex great intiative.

This post is for  Indi-Happy hours  campaign on Indiblogger in association with Domex 

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