Impressive Looks

Marriage and having relationship is most important part of our life. We need someone with whom you can look up till the last breadth. Two years back before getting married, my parents felt that I have become old enough and mature too that now I need to have a family and enjoy my life with someone who can love me more than anything else. My mother started talking to everyone from close relatives, family members, social sites, brokers and match makers. While my mother believed in arrange marriage but my father was more open minded and asked me if I had a boyfriend or someone in my life.

Then one day while having dinner with my cousin sister who came to visit us enquired about what qualities I am looking in a boy and my dream husband. I was straight on this issue and told that one should be educated and qualified with handsome six figure salary, be honest and should give attention to personal hygiene. During out conversation, suddenly my father phone rang. The call was related to my marriage and my father felt that it was matching our criteria and decided to invite the boy and his family to Shipra mall in Ghaziabad where we can meet each other and talk further. Meanwhile the boy sent his passport photograph on my email address. I liked the photo and he really looked handsome with clean shave.

Next day we went in the evening to the Mall and waited for them. My father was not happy as they came late by 30 minutes. Next thing the boy came without shave and had long beard. He had not even comb his hair and was wearing blue jeans with yellow shirt. It was totally different personality from the photo of the boy. His first impression was not impressive at all and his stubble look was the main reason I rejected the boy even before asking any questions to him. This made me realize too that photograph cannot be the criteria for selection and well groomed personality really matters and makes great impact.

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The Power of Voice to Clean India

It is the universal story that until we work hard or raise our voice or revolt against any issue, nothing is going to happen or change. We all know that even a new born baby cries to grab his mother attention and get some food or milk as the baby cannot speak at that point of time. We can see the same from our ancient historic period when rulers used to fight against each other to increase their kingdom and rule. The same philosophy was applied during the struggle for independence when Mahatma Gandhi took the fight against British rule using non violence and winning after many years. The strategy applies even in today as company wants to hire employees who have good communication skills and be open minded. But the real tragedy is that even after independence and almost fifty years have passed, we have not been able to develop India as a global states where everyone think of us as most beautiful country. The problem is that we have not followed the rules and take them for granted. Mahatma Gandhi used to dream India as Clean and pollution free India. But we have not been able to deliver and stand up to his expectations at all.

It is the state of mind and people neglecting the cleanliness issue for decades has caused lot of health and hygiene issues for majority of population. India has less public toilets and public defecation is common as we move out of the cities. Even the educated class has not come forward to fight and raise awareness among poor people. We all think this problem is due to government negligence approach and their duty to clean it. But with the BJP government rule and under the leadership of our new prime minister, the basics issues like building public toilets and sanitation are being taken off and given priority. Clean India initiative aims to bring tourists and investors to come to India and be part of its growth story. We should grab this opportunity with both hands and be part of Clean India campaign by speaking up to our family members and friends to clean our society and roads clean. We need to actively participate and come forward by speaking up and raise awareness through cleanliness drive or donating money for building toilets.

Besides cleaning India, we are also having many more social issues in the society which leads to global shame and bad impression to the country image. As a citizen of this state, it is our duty to fight against the issues like corruption, sexual exploitation etc and prevents such acts and contribute to safer India. Various organizations have come forward to social causes and one of them is Strepsils. Strepsils India has recently launched its digital campaign #AbMontuBolega where Montu encourages people to participate and speak up and present their opinion without hesitation about social issues through  Face book and Twitter .They have also uploaded a YouTube video which is being watched across social networks to motivate people to come forward for welfare of society and be part of this campaign. The video shows how Montu gets the power to speak up after taking strepsil.

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Bring Back The Touch

We all go through several stages in our life. First stage is the sweet childhood stage where we enjoy playing and have no worries at all. It is best time when we learn so many new things, make new friends and play all day. Next comes the bachelor stage in which enter into college life, try to look smart and impress our friends and pay less attention to parents. We make some friends in college who sometime remain forever in our lives. In certain cases, this friendship turns into love relationship and later on into love marriage. As this move forward, we get from bachelorhood to Single nest Couple as we live together. This is the most exciting stage in our life as we choose our life partner for our life with whom we are going to spend our rest of life and share our happiness and be strong in hard times. It is often found in many cases that first few years of marriage are considered as golden period and honeymoon phase. But as the responsibility increases the love starts to fade away, we move into next phase where we have children and focus shifts to parenting and all efforts are made to teach and educate child. Parents feel more stressed as they don’t have much experience handling the kids and losses patience many times. The child is not able to get enough time and care from parents if they both are working. Sometimes father is unable to attend the parent teacher meeting while mother is busy in running the house. The love is lost somewhere and husband is not interested in taking time to please her wife.

When I see women group talking in the evening as they walk on the road, they often share about their family life issues and mother in law and her strict behaviour. They talk about before their marriage time when their husband used to call them ten times a day and take out time from office to go with them for shopping and giving them gifts. While I think they are correct in saying the same but I feel the issue is that after the marriage ,women seems to take care less about their husband due to burden of home responsibilities and do not greet them the same way as they did during initial days of marriage. Also husband cannot find the same sense of touch and feel attractiveness towards her wife.

As married women, I have gone through this phase myself and want to say that lost love can come back again and honeymoon phase can start again if we try to divert more time to ourselves and keeping us more fit and healthy. We should take care of our skin and I recommend using Parachute Advanced Body Lotion for making the skin soft. Many other options include giving gifts and taking more time and talk to your husband.

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My 24K luxury home with Porcelanosa

Real estate is developing sector in India and we see with increase in nuclear families and growing population, the sector is growing at fast pace, Other reasons which are responsible for growth in real estate in our country is allowance 100 percent approval in Foreign Direct Investment without any rules and regulations. Real estate contributes five percent to GDP and plays major role in creating millions of jobs and turning dreams into homes for people of India. This has resulted in developing new India and creation of smart cities in India and Information technology parks. One such group which has joined hand to promote infrastructure and housing in India is Porcelanosa group. Porcelanosa offers whole range of products, from ceramic tiles and sanitary ware to cutting-edge building solutions, all with the same outstanding service and attention to detail that is synonymous with Porcelanosa showrooms.

I live in three bedrooms flat with my husband and for me; I see many issues living in the society. There are so many charges passed to us from car parking, club membership fees, maintenance charges and much more. But even after paying the bills, there is no electricity for hours and also water leak from the celing.The water comes only during night time that too for specific hours. The layout and construction has not been done in professional way and kitchen directly facing the washroom and doors without security alarm. There is no attached bathroom with bedroom and dining room lacks windows. We are living here just for living and cannot feel happiness within ourselves. I have decided that next time before shifting to new home, we will try to find a plot and build it on our own as per our budget.

With context to Porcelanosa, if I am given the authority with unlimited restrictions to design my house, I would make a house which has all the latest features and would be called as Smart home. Starting from the bedroom, there will be at least two wardrobes, one for me and other for my husband. The wardrobe should be such that they are multiple shelves for keeping jewellery and precious gems. Also I can keep my make up kit box and my books on other side. There should be plenty of space to keep big suitcases and storage space for keeping winter clothes or extra clothes.

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My kitchen should be such that I can easily walk around one corner to another and small table where I can sit and cut vegetables. There should be glass shelf to keep expensive crockery. I am in love with KRION® Solid Surface kitchen from Porcelanosa. The best part about it is that it is resistant to chemical solvents and does not get damaged while cleaning with acids.

n1  n2


I always want to have Bathroom which are big enough to have Jacuzzi and bath tub where I can lay down and enjoy.The tap and wash basin should have electronic sensor so that it automatically detects my hand.

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Floor and Wall TIles

I would further add Laminate flooring and XLIGHT wall tiles choosing from Porcelanosa collection. The reason is due to long life and less maintenance.

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Maslow Model in Making India

Everything we do on planet earth revolves around to meet our physchological need of having food.This food is something we all live for and no matter if we are rich or poor,at the end of the day,food is what really matters.Certainly,there is another fact which is also true about human beings that our stomach cannot keep food for long and the waste has to be secreted out.This leads to opening of another dimension where we need toilets.Gone are the ancient days of early man,when did not had cover our self and used to flush out in open without any shame. As the times progressed and we used our brains, things started to change and now we have got our own homes and beautifully designed toilets. But unfortunately all this led to division of our planet into countries and further on. Talking about my own country India, the difference between rich and poor has increased and rich is becoming richer and poor becoming poorer.

This all has caused uncertainties and man created nuisance everywhere in the homeland. Everyday travelling in Delhi metro, I can see people with big luxury cars driving in fast lane at high speed and throwing garbage on road without even thinking and on other hand, poor urinate and defecate along the road side as they don’t have access to toilet. Some people have reached a level and have fulfilled their social and security needs while certain are missing on basic things even today. There are schools in my locality where there are five star facilities with ceramic tiles toilets and attendant to take care and clean it daily while on same road, we have school where don’t have gate on their toilets and someone has to stand in front to ensure dignity.

With Indian population rising every year and there is no proper arrangement for housing and sanitation facilities; it seems that we may someday be considered as un-hygienic country. It is the fact that when we travel across length and breadth of our countryside via railways or our own conveyance, everywhere we find people defecating near the tracks or behind trees. This problem is very big and hurts brand image of our country when some tourist visits to see India. Our children are country future and if they urinate or deface in open and do not wash their hand, it could lead to serious health problems for them.

There is lot to be done to improve this crises situation and every effort is to develop New India which has access to proper sanitation and green environment. This requires role of government is making policies and providing subsidies for making toilets and make people aware about how a toilet can make their family healthy and free from diseases. As a citizen, we can volunteer ourselves by being part of nongovernmental organisations and give funds for construction of toilets in rural areas. We can also be part of Domex Initiative. All we need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.


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