Family Health to Children Wealth

Everyone passes through a family life cycle stage from bachelor hood to Married,then Family Nest with single child,two children and then retired to Single Parent stage.So when you are kid,your perception about your parents are like that they  are too strict on you and want you to be always good and follow good practices and work hard and study.It also involves following a regular time table,cleaning your shoes and polish them daily and so on…

We parents sometimes are too protective about our children and forget that they are just kids and they can make mistakes and be notorious at times.As a parent , I want my kids to be healthy,be prepared to face anything that comes in their way and be self dependent but to develop these skills ,as a parent you want to make sure they get the right education,teachers and support from family members not only in terms of wealth but resources like love,time and trust on them.

I remember my mom always used to give me boil water to drink,washed my hands when I was small and asked me to brush my teeth before sleeping.She used to give me dabur honey with milk and in winter daburchyawanprash to make my bones stronger and healthy.Then she used to pour some ayurvedic oil daily over my body and give my legs and hands massage.

We should make sure that children are not stressed enough and should be encouraged to play outside and ask them to play outdoor games and focus on maintaining a good physique and healthy body.They should be encouraged to be part of Swatch Abhiyaan so that they can keep the surrounding clean and also keep themselves safe from diseases like malaria,cholera etc. Parents today are either engaged in their office work and sometimes work for 12 hours a day to make sure they earn enough to sustain their livelihood but this also sometimes lead to consequences like child feel neglected and lost.We should all make sure that one parent is always there to support child and attend his school meeting,sports day etc.

For a child to become a successful person,it is important for him that parents give him certain freedom to express himself,choose what he wants to pursue and select what he like to do and become and support him in his efforts to achieve it.This is important because when child is happy and knows that his family believes in his dream,so he will work hard to achieve it and his family will be proud of it.To focus on child,we should encourage them to clean their cupboard regularly and identify their priorities and keep themselfves updated about general knowledge and environment.

As a parent,children should be encouraged to have healthy diet and eat green vegetables and should not each much junk food,instead give them food which is essential to maintain balanced diet.It is important that child should get enough rest and sleep and have proper schedule for his work and play.This will help both parents and children to enjoy their life and as well as maintain daily routine.Talking about daily routine,it is also important for child to get proper immunity to fight against malnutrition,pollutions and adulteration in food and infectious diseases.I would encourage everyone to use desi products and Ayurvedic products instead of Vitamin supplements to protect your children from immunity.

This post has been exclusively written for IndiBlogger and Dabur Chavanprash

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