Travel Expedition with Black things

“Black is beautiful”

The above statement is so true when you try to understand the meaning behind it.When you close your eyes,you enter into the black world of dreams where you find yourself as a queen or sometimes with your love or traveling around the world until someone wakes you up and you realize that connection with black world is lost.Black for me is symbol of magic and boldness.Black looks sharp,brightness and full of lust.

Five things in my wish list of black things are present below which could help me while traveling are listed below.

1.Black Camera


I am fond of travelling and every month I take 2-3 days leave to take time to travel nearby tourist spots or to my relatives place.I love capturing natural shots specially of forts and palaces and interacting plus meeting new people.

For traveling,first and foremost thing,I need is a good camera which can take photos in low light conditions.The picture from my mobile phone are not at all clear when taken during night hours or darkness and all I get is perfect black picture.This Canon DSLR camera in black will be the best option and I feel like being a professional photographer.

It is also said that best natural shots come when you have black and darkness all around you.

2.Black Sun Glasses


I love shopping and buying local products made by artisans and handicrafts.Shopping is my best hobby and sometimes even in afternoon when temperature is sky high and boiling to 45 degrees celcius,I never opt for any other option.Sunglasses are must when travelling in India to protect the skin from UV rays and also it makes you look stylish.GUCCI is my most preferable brand and having a Gucci style black color glasses is need of hour as my old one have been with me for years now.

3. Black Diary


A black diary is important with security lock facility where I could write whatever I want and pen down my experiences and my life stories both in terms of success and failure.Though with improvement in technology,computer are a better option but still I feel writing in old way and keeping the diary away from everyone till my last breadth. I am planning to buy such black diary soon.

4.Black Guitar


Music has been an integral part of my life and I have been learning various music instruments like harmonium,Sitar,Drum and Guitar.I have participated in various competitions and school annual fest celebrations. My latest addiction is having a black guitar which my mother has promised me next year as a birthday gift.

5.Black Suitcase


Victorinox is the most preferable brand when it comes to products like suitcase,bags,knife,watches and many more.It has been into existence for so many years and known for it product quality and its multiple features.I wish to have a travel bag like the one shown in picture when I travel next time because the way loaders carry our baggage at airports and railway station is such that there is maximum possibility of damage or breaking of items in the bag.I have heard Victorinox uses special black material inside the bag which keeps the impact to the minimum.

Note : The pictures are taken from for reference.

This list include all black things  I want when I travel next time to have a better and comfortable journey.

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