Things about My lncredible “Zest” Life

I feel working monday to friday and dealing with clients from 9 am to 5pm makes my life dull and boring though I get pretty good salary for my work as finance manager but still you need a break or something zest to make sure you live your life.Zest for me is way to do those things which I love and have passion for it irrespective of whether anyone likes it or not.It is a way to enjoy myself and give myself a break.Zest could be anything ranging from writing a blog to shopping in Delhi markets to traveling to Dehradun or teaching some poor children.If I want to make up list of zest activities in my life,then I would go up in these primary activities.

1.Shopping – Being a Delhi girl,I indulge in impulse buying and never take off from this madness.Whenever I get time even if it is half day holiday,I make sure to take my shopping bag and freak out to hop and shop anything for myself. If you ask me Lajpat Nagar is the best market to shop for footwears, latest dress designs, Handbags, casual stuff, Accessories.Besides shopping,I make sure to have side by side  having all that street food like chaat papri, Aaloo Tikki, Pani Puri which adds more fun to shopping.

Shooping in Rajouri Garden

2. Travelling

The second most ultimate for me and my friends is exploring India and its cultural diversity.Travelling to different places relaxes me and meet new people and learn about them.Some times I travel for business visit or to participate in various competition for having a fun filled good time and gain experience through external learning. Rajasthan and Singapore visit will always remain with me special in my life and I will be planning out for another trip soon to other places too.

Relaxing at Singapore

3. Cooking

There was a time in my life just before my marriage and that was a moment I realized that how important is to learn cooking and then started taking this as a serious hobby and part of my daily life.Within few days ,mom taught me so many dishes and recipes that I was ready to make anything if there are guests coming at my home.Everyday I watch Zee tv khaana Khazana and brought myself a notebook to write all the dishes to prepare myself.Now cooking has become my source of strength and has won me so many applauds from my relatives and friends for cooking great dishes.

4.Finance and Banking

Education is necessary part of my life and I am keen on studying still after my marriage.I take interest in reading about share market,capital budgeting and finance management.It makes me feel very happy when read about banking future possibilites and how it will change in the future course of time.I also play the role of fund manager for my family members and submit reports for filing IT tax and feel special when I receive calls from my relatives about fund planning,insurance and asking their finance doubts.

5. Care for my brother and my Papa,Mummy

Family is the one who has made me what I am today and so they are very special to me for everything they have contributed for making me an honest human being and supported my education till I got married.So those are the special in my priority list always and giving them my time and love is always there for them to make them happy and smile always.


This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and

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