My Roti to Nokia Experience

It was my off day from the office work schedule and I was feeling relaxed at my home as next day was Sunday too .I was busy in my household activities from cleaning my room,reading my magazines and getting my clothes figure out for the next week.Also at the same time I was excited for the next day as it was the marriage of my childhood friend who was very close to me. Around mid day I was   making arrangement for the clothes, getting myself pampered and rejuvenate my skin.

Then I got a call from my husband and he told me to get ready within half an hour as we are going to Oberoi hotel for a technology meet up with invitation from Nokia to check out their latest technology advanced smart phone and have a meet and greet with master chef and NDTV gadget expert.

First I thought that what will I do in a technology event and instead get myself some rest for tomorrow but suddenly my mood swing and thought let me get ready to experience myself about what Nokia is coming up as my first phone was Nokia and still I am using it .
I reached the venue around 5 pm and I could Nokia App tasting board everywhere and there were a lot of people already invited community of bloggers and within all this the new New Nokia XL Series dual SIM
smartphone was launched and promoted as Nokia Android phone with price range of 12000 Rs only in different colors.

Once the phone was launched , I could figure out that phone applications and its specifications from the video and product presentation from the Nokia staff out there.Then there were many exciting games and events organized by the hosts and people were fully excited about them with great enthusiasm.

I raised my hand in one of the activities for fun and a small pretty girl spotted me and called to come to the stage for the competition.First I was little happy being chosen but yet nervous as it was my first time on the big stage.I can;t imagine myself and still have that sinking feeling in me..Is it me who won the Nokia XL latest smart phone for making a ROTI ,I mean the Indian bread or chapati!


This happens once in the lifetime moment!
For me it was most memorable day for me and I really enjoyed it and had fun at the event.
Later we had some delicious food served with drinks and really had great time with my husband and Nokia team and bloggers at the event.

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