Getting myself relaxed in Singapore

It was a shiny summer in India and I was waiting at the airport for catching my flight to fantasy Singapore for the first time.The new Delhi Airport looks like a shining Bride waiting for me have a feel of it.At 5 pm around,I reached the Indira Gandhi International airport for the first time and as soon as I entered the airport ,I felt proud of my country for giving such a big and best airport in the world.I could sense the beautiful architecture and Indian classic designs on the walls.

I got myself checked in with Singapore Airlines and waited at the airport gate to open so that I can quickly get in my dream flight to Singapore.As the announcement came from the Singapore airlines staff,I quickly rushed to get into the bus and then boarded the airline.I was really impressed by the Singapore Airlines staff for their customer service and hospitality throughout the flight and till I deboarded the airplane and landed in Singapore after a smooth journey of 6 hrs.As I got my foot step in Singapore,I could feel the difference with fresh air,green environment with no carbon emissions and friendly atmosphere.My cab was already at the airport and it took me straight to the Hilton hotel.Let me tell you that living in Singapore is not cheap and getting a budget accommodation is also a big problem,so you must plan out accordingly.

While relaxing at Hilton hotel,I really enjoyed the provision of all amenities and facilities that are provided to guests.I specially enjoyed the private balcony facing the sea and stunning landscape.I feel my whole stay experience is so overwhelming that I felt it as perfect place to break away and relax to enjoy the ambient environment.I was also surprised when Indian South Indian  food was served in the morning on special request being in a foreign country.

Relaxing at Singapore

There is much more to Singapore than the Marina Bay adventure and the Helix bridge.There is so much to learn about stunning local art architecture ,museums and variety of flora and fauna and the luxury stay in hotels of Singapore with spa facilities and much more.During my stay ,I got chance to visit Singapore zoo which is spread over large area and having vast variety of animals and reptiles.I took the zoo nightsafari which offers visitors to see the animals closely.Also I visited Singapore Botanical gardens where there is National Orchid Garden covering huge trees and fauna.I explored the area of Marina Bay,a trip to little India and visit Sri Mariamman temple.
Singapore visit will always remain with me special in my life and I will be planning out for another trip soon to Singapore again!


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