My Experience at So Delhi Tweasure Event

This post gives me confidence and feels proud as it is my first tweasure hunt experience which  I am going to share with all.

I being a Delhi citizen thought that I know everything about Delhi and its places,monuments,museums,archaeological sites and right from north to south and east to West Delhi.But I was wrong and realized this when I came to know about which is a great website for local people,tourists and travelers coming to Delhi and how to spend your day even if you are local. While browsing their website one day,I came to know about a Tweasure hunt competition in Hauz Khas Village.I called my friends and family cousin brother if they want to participate and finally three of us decided to make a team named as Pirates.

Getting ready!


We all registered and reached the Hauz Khas village to get ourselves opportunity to explore various shops to unearth the tweasure hidden and grab maximum points to win prizes worth thousands of rupees and gift vouchers.One of the perks of the adventure campaign was that we got the chance to know every bit of Hauz Khas and different types of shops and restaurants there.One of the perks of participating is that it is free of cost plus chance to get freebies plus refreshment and snacks throughout the event.


As the competition started at sharp 5 pm at the La Rouge restaurant and we were given a sheet with numerous clues and total of 25 tasks for the job.Around 200 participants were there including locals,foreign nationals and event bloggers covering the event. There were various shops and brands who were sponsoring the event and they hosted various exciting activities right from innovative food challenge into the mouth, to the art making competition, multi tasking  singing challenge and many more.

waiting in que



It is really an ultimate experience for me  and my friends though we could not win the ultimate prizes but we were more satisfied in the end with completing all the tasks in time and having a fun filled good time at the tweasure hunt hosted by So delhi!

Thanks for having us and be part of this thrilling party full of adventure and excitement.