Making Delhi #SuperPower

We all know that Delhi government is on the mission to make Delhi fist smart city in next three years. They have already made a big master plan to highlight Delhi as the city which will make pollution free and more environments friendly. They aim to transform Delhi with their finest infrastructure including well maintained and operational sanitation and public transportation facilities. Government has already set up various administrative and technical bodies who have taken the role to identify the zonal area and do the proper survey to identify the issues and opportunities in those area in order to improve the conditions and facilities which will be required and type of approach to be taken under Delhi Mission Master Plan. It is infact Government is really serious to implement all the projects following the global best solutions and transparency with the projects for the successful and fruitful solution to their completion of all the plans to make it as smart city. A panel is being set to identify illicit lodging areas and for their acquisition. There are efforts likely to connect road, rail and other forms of transportation linked together for effective public transport solution.

We all love to visit to foreign destination and admire them gracefully and it is important that we also talk about our own Delhi and its condition. We need to support every effort linked to make this city safe and clean. This is need of hour to reduce the pollution whether air or noise. We need to make sure that cleanliness, sanitation becomes priority around the area surrounding our home. We need to identify solid and liquid waste and must ensure to throw them at right place. There is need to educate students and every citizen about reducing the menace of pollution. Car pooling is one thing which we can take to stop driving our vehicles and installing solar powered devices can help in curbing such problem.

The situation in Delhi has improved over the years but still not up to the global standard marks. Government should try to beautify the surroundings and promote ads in encouraging use of renewable source of energy. I am happy that this is first time government and Supreme Court has passed the order to ban the use of crackers and also selling them taking into consideration air pollution and health problems. Vodafone which is private company has also supported this cause and has provided Super Crackers with plant seeds in their store for next three days. Green diwali is the way for future diwali celebrations from now on and each parent should encourage their children to stop buying crackers and instead plant trees in their nearby surroundings. Air pollution can also be prevented in the way that if we use Metro and CNG vehicles. We can switch off the lights and prevent water flowing when not required as their already scarcity of water in Delhi and water level is going really low day by day. All these efforts will definitely help in contribution to make Delhi better living place and smart city.

Security is another major concern for me and it is important that action is taken to keep city safe for children and women. Being digital is one such step taken by government to keep us connected in such situation. Vodafone has also provided the service for free internet in Delhi and NCR areas by creating wifi zones. There are more than 120 hotspots being set up to avail internet and use it for free irrespective of whether you are Vodafone customer or not. Vodafone has also brought innovative air purifying bus shelter in the city for Delhi people so that they can be protected from air pollution while waiting for the bus at the bus stop.

All such efforts will help in giving a boost to make Delhi smart city in coming days. You should also read more about Vodafone Delhi initiative to make it smart city.




One of the most common stories of every household is the old stock piling of electronic gadgets which is lying in the home. It is just there to occupy your room space and has not much advantage. The reason for all this is technology up-gradation at a rapid rate and better features which are customer oriented being launched everyday in the market. Few weeks ago I bought a laptop and now it feels less updated due to new product configuration with innovative features already in the marketplace. If you go to your friend place or any one room then you are sure to find old smart phone, computer etc and other such electronic gadget biting the dust.

Obsolete technology makes the old gadgets junk of matter and there is no solution to this big problem as the parts cannot be sold or repaired and even if they do then it can cost a hole in your pocket which is not a good option. This leads to people interested in getting new devices instead of getting the repairing done of their old ones. I can give example when my phone smart screen broke then the mobile phone seller told me cost to replace the screen too much and it was not worth repairing it thought it was a minor crack in the screen. The common problem is that old processor is either not available or out of stock as company has moved to new technology. I hope this problem of disposing old device is solved in a better way.

I want to tell about selling my old Samsung phone which was gifted to me by my husband on my birthday few years back when having a mobile phone was a privilege to have and people would stare at you and be amazed about it. I was excited to use that phone for two years before the phone become quite slow and had given me storage and battery problems. I decided to sell that phone but found none of people from my close social circle were really interested in buying it as everyone wanted to buy the newer model. Then I tried to visit the local phone shops but they wanted to buy at throw away prices and so I decided to keep it with me until find the new buyer. One of my friends told me to sell it through social networking site and I posted about it on face book. But that was my big mistake and it lead to numerous spam calls and messages and ultimately deleted the ad. It was horrible experience and I decided never to put such ad on social site with my phone number ever. At last after searching the whole world for selling my smart phone I found the buyer at my home itself. She was none other than my home maid who poked me to give her old smart phone so that she can get to talk to her family which lived in village. I was happy to give her phone for which I just charged her nominal amount after looking at her financial condition and her needs.

It is quite cool to pass out your old gadgets to people in need so that they can learn from it and use it. My maid can now operate the smart phone on her own and even has made a social account with it.

If you are still not able to sell then try Cashify which is the new way to remove your all kinds of electronic gadgets from your home and office. You just need to download app or go to their website to select your gadget and sell them at better rate than retail market seller price. As per the website you will get quote instantly on their site and payment will be done side by side when they pick the device.

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Season of Love

My sister is best in the world no matter how much I fight with my sister and get into arguments with her.She has power to influence me and also make me very happy and set my mood when I am in real bad situation and did not have a good day.Her hug is enough for me to move over from tough situation and bring cheer to my face.The more I want to stay away from her the situation makes me more in love with her.The distance does not matter any more to us and we are always bonded to each other from heart to heart.I cannot express our relationship because it is very unique in its own way and brings bundles of joy and happiness to us.Sometimes we cry together and loosen up a bit and share our hard life struggle together.We try to clam each other in complex phase of life and become each other strength.

We are always standing for each other in time of hardship and fight when there is no one to take a stand for us.We can sacrifice any thing for each other.It is always seen that when parents brings us something exclusive present or some yummy things to eat,we try to give it to each other and do not think twice about it.My sister always thinks of me and care like my mother.We do have difference in opinion but we are one when some outsiders try to point finger to us.We are ready to take the blame for each other and save each other if possible.I remember when my sister took the pain to complete my school home work many times when I  would sleep early at night and felt exhausted.She would also get me chocolates and sweets from the school canteen everyday in school from her pocket money.

She even do things when I am getting late for something and try to reduce my workload.In the college days when I was being eve teased and followed by some local prankster and gang of such boys,she came to my help and would come to me to drop to the college inspite of getting late to work.She even gave the warning to those boys without thinking of the consequences.In another incident when I was rejected in the final round of my interview,she consoled me and helped me to overcome such a low situation and able to keep my face high and look forward to the next job.Her small advice and instructions in such tough times makes my path very simple and give me a direction to look like in a positive manner.

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Real Bonding

I am blessed to have a sister who is very much close to me after my parents.She has been my blanket for life and is the one who share the real emotions with me.I can talk freely to her and for many hours without even thinking about it and she is there to listen to all those stuff.We can share our personal items and check each other smartphone messages and calls without even asking to each other.She is the one who is available for me any time of the day and can sacrifice any thing for me.I can discuss with her so  many other things from movies to anything without interuption.

One such situation which was testing time for both of us was during the exams when our parents were out of the town to see the close relatives.We had to manage everything on our own and it was very hectic for me.But she became a life line for me and took care like a mother and preparing food for me.She would help in home task and even when I caught fever,she took me to the doctor and did everything on her own.She did not allow me to even come out of the bed and help her.She prepared the food and gave me medicines and took the hard life.She made me strong in such situation even after being tired whole day.I cannot forget those moments any time as this shows here love for me and her warmth.It is common to see that sister fight each other in every household but we never fought for material things and had equal share policy.All these things never came between us.

I am very thankful to my cute sister who always encouraged me to take part in different activities at early stage of cultural activity or sports function.She gave time to think about the profession which attracts me and give me motivation about that work.She even took me for proper counseling session in order to make me aware about the core as well as related jobs.It is due to their effort that helped to find the right aim in the early age to plan for the future in advance.She is backbone for me in giving me strength at various phase of my up and down time in my life.It is her that takes all my non sense but still give me comfort and security.I cannot imagine a day without her at any cost.Her lessons to me are always given me a direction in life.

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Sweet Heart

My blog focus on today is about sweet heart.It here does not signify sugar but it something more to it.It is about ways to lead a healthy and happy heart life with small steps taken at intervals to be fit and secure your heart.

First thing in order to have a healthy heart,physical movement is so much important.This physical movement can be carried out in different activities from riding bicycle or playing in the open field and being part of marathon etc.This is the best way to increase the efficiency of blood circulation in heart or muscle and helps body to open up work more smoothly. You can also be part of some sports club or jog yourself with trainer to shape up your body.

Health safety starts at home and you can also contribute to your heart by helping the environment.This is simple just by planting a plant or watering your home garden.It will keep the atmosphere cool around you and activity will help in breathing fresh air as well as taking care of the environment.You should be keen to fight against illegal practices which are not good for human body and heart.

Heart is protected only when you have a diet that can fulfill your body needs to have proper growth of body with respect to weight and height and also making for proper blood flow through the heart veins.In recent terms high level of pesticides and food adulteration is going in the market and we cannot stop it on our own.It can affect the body and heart movement.The only way to make it minimum is by preventing eating outside and intake home cooked food.I always make sure that no one develops the habit of skipping the morning breakfast or eating bread jam or any too much fried items on regular basis.Oily food is common in Indian meals and more spicy is better.But it is important to spread awareness among all about it ill effects and how it affects your heart.You should have a light meal and also drink natural juice instead of some cold drink.

Family and close friends are much needed by heart and you must do something more in order to be an inspiration and motivation for family.Heart is very delicate and you have so many emotions flowing through it.The best way is to share those emotions and be keen on doing positive things to make you look happy.You should try to help your family members and sharing your thoughts and funny conversations with them and laugh out your heart out.

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Don’t Break My Heart

Heart is all about happy living and smiling always.It is living the life and being yourself.This is only possible when you live life with freedom and do not care or feel threatened.It is about making yourself happy and joyful.This is achievable when you have a good healthy life and do things you like and very much into the game.You are no upset or have kind of negative feeling and you are appreciated and being taken care of everything in life.

As a mother I want my child should be strong and fit.I make sure that my child is not stressed enough and is encouraged to play outside and ask him to play outdoor games and focus on maintaining a good physique and healthy body.I am serious when it comes to heart.I become a protective mother and very serious to watch my child eating habits and make a diet plan for the child.I do not want him to go and eat some fried momos or have oily burger which is not at all good for his health.As a parentI am always there to support child and attend his school meeting,sports day etc.I encourage my child to have healthy diet and eat green vegetables and should not each much junk food,instead give him food which is essential to maintain balanced diet.It is important that child should get enough rest and sleep and have proper schedule for his work and play.This will help him to enjoy his life and as well as maintain daily routine.With his daily routine my life is pretty much set too and I am active with him.This way I am taking care of my health and also go to gym with my husband to stay fit and reduce the excess fat and weight.I usually purchase oil which could be expensive but good for heart.I always my child to excel in other extra fields as per his interest like sports, music, dance, cultural activities etc and not focus on studies only.Activeness and being within the body weight and height limit is key to good heart.

Tacking the husband could be difficult process but I am doing right thing by not allowing him to intake alcohol on daily basis and have it only on special occasions.I also have taken a promise from him that he will never ever smoke in life and this is the way I am trying to protect his heart in the best possible manner and my family health is protected.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

Backbone behind my Success

Childhood is seen as stage of our lives as we have freedom to think about our career and future planning. It is the time when can do without many restrictions. I consider it right perception and many people do remain confused but little bit of guidance can really help them in making the decision during this crucial stage of life. One wrong decision can lead to more pressures and issues as we grow up and would not be able to find satisfaction in life.

I belong to lower middle class family and it was difficult at times to spend extra money or afford luxury things. It was more like hand to mouth situation in my family. There were few financial problems and my grandparent’s health issues too which were making our life full of struggle for my parents. But I feel they were able to handle all the pressure and came out over it due to their positive approach and working hard. All this never came in between my life to they always persuaded me to grab all the opportunities with both hands and focus on my future dreams.

After my graduation I did not have the job in my field and my dreams were over. I thought to continue in this job as I was earning money and helping my family in tough time. It was also difficult for them to run the house with their income. But they stood strong with me and told me to take a big step for resignation from my current job and work towards your dream job. Everyone in the social circle was against this decision as my life was at crucial stage and getting your dream job would take time and money. My parents forced me to stick to my decision and so I took another gamble to do post graduation in finance which was my ultimate aim. My parents took bank loan for my studies and I joined coaching classes and started my preparation for entrance exam. I had to face lot of problems due to my decision of leaving the job but still guidance from my teachers and friends motivated me to do well in exam. I got the admission in one of the best university and completed the course with flying colours. Further I got placed with one of best company as a result of this hard work and help from family. I urge everyone to keep moving forward in Life & give all your best to fulfil all your aspirations and you will achieve them sooner or later.

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Converting Dreams into Reality

Each stage of life has so many twist and turns.This experience with age makes me happy and sad at times. Life can be awkward and weird if you don’t have aspirations & also urge to fulfill them.I was born in the family where everyone was engineer and from information technology background.But I had more interest in share market and finance.I took the decision to study for financial degree in insurance and bank sector rather than following the family tradition of becoming an engineer. My passion for financial products helped me to get more into this profession and also my family who gave me support in all conditions.I feel happy to get a job in the work which I want to do and getting the freedom from my parents to live independent life.There was no pressure and I got a job in one of the best leading insurance company after my graduation and have started to earn good income.

I am very thankful to my parents as they had different mindset from other parents and people who were in our society.They always encouraged me to take part in different activities at early stage of cultural activity or sports function.They also gave time to think about the profession which attracts me and give me motivation about that work.They even took me for proper counseling session in order to make me aware about the core as well as related jobs.It is due to their effort that helped to find the right aim in the early age to plan for the future in advance.Proper planning and investing at right time was key reason for me to bear the fruit of success and talent, and I was future ready to service parents, nation and convert my dreams into reality. My brother was backbone for me in giving me strength at various phase of my up and down time in my life.He has told me to live and conquer this world and as per our conditions without any limitations.I consider him as fire fighter to all my difficult issues and he give me comfort and security.He was rock solid behind me and directed me to be strong.His courage and guidance to go ahead and always perform at best level and to compete with yourself.

I urge everyone to rise against the odds and try your best to live your dreams.I see that girl child may have many kind of restrictions in the society and this can be hindrance to your dream but believe in yourself to achieve them.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”



My Ideal Yatra with Family

Travel is more about exploring the world. It is about enjoying the gift of nature and relaxing in the pleasant environment. I have a habit to visit various religious destinations whenever it is possible. This is my faith and belief in God which inspires me to take such trips. I visit these religious places to offer thanks to God for everything and also to get the blessing. I travel to find the inner peace and get calmness in my life.

This year in April I visited to Kerala which turned out to be one of the best ideal trip. It was my first time visit to Kerala and also my family was with me for the whole trip. Our trip was planned with focus on God’s own country Kerala and covering beaches and major tourist attractions and temples. We booked our flight tickets online as these days it is much easy and convenient. Another advantage is getting low fare and discount if booked in combination with hotels. I prefer low cost airlines and Indigo Airlines best suited my budget for travel from Delhi as it is non-stop flight and have good record in terms of on time performance.

We all boarded the flight from Delhi as per Flight Schedule and reached Kerala in the morning. Our journey by road started to Malabar Coast. We went to the hotel straight away and kept our luggage there. We all very excited as weather was very pleasant and went for evening walk to the Malabar Coast. It was one of the best moments of the trip as each family member was walking while holding each other hand and enjoying the coast side. We had coconut water and then refreshing south Indian sea food snacks. Our two days were spent in Kerala main city and checking the local temples and visiting the aqua marine museum.

Third day we went to Allepay which is famous for its boat race. We took the house boat and enjoyed our time in the boat. My husband also had a chit chat with the local fisherman and tried his hands to understand the fishing technique. We also went to local shop to buy the fresh food spices and coconut made artefacts.

It was day four and we had to move from backwater trip to hilly areas. I have seen most of the hill station in the north India but this time we got a chance to see Munnar. It was great journey to the hill top where we saw lot of tea farms and cloud formation was very low. We could experience the cloud just above us and also saw many young people taking the adventure hiking trip by the bicycle. We visited the Eravikulam National Park which has lot of varieties of birds and animals. We saw many houses which are built during the British rule and still maintained in same form.

Last day of our Kerala trip was back to the hotel as we packing our bags for checkout and then visit the Padmanabhaswamy temple. We reached the temple and recited the prayers in the temple. We spent good amount of time to see the ancient temple and its magnificent architecture. We also bought the idol to keep at our home and other religious items. In the evening we hired the cab and went to the airport directly to catch our flight to Delhi.

Overall we enjoyed the whole trip and Kerala is must visit destination for everyone with family.

#TaxPledge to file IT returns

People often complaint to government about paying heavy taxes and increase in price rise. They often talk that government is doing nothing for their development and not providing them facilities as compared to other countries. But I want to pose question to people about their contribution and do we all file the income tax returns which is one of the major part of revenue for supporting all kinds of projects and making India dream to become a smart country and Indian vision of 2020.We must rise up and file IT returns on time without any delay.

Our knowledge about income tax filing in general is not very much as no one teaches us or educate towards its benefits. There is also confusion among people about systems and policies about right way to fill the form. Some people also try to hide the real income and facts about their salary and assets. But with PAN card everything is now open and government can easily check the transactions and find out every minute detail through this and take appropriate action. We all know that keeping black money is crime and it can lead to punishment if caught by the crime department. This can harm your image in the society and so we must pay the IT returns. Filing your returns is must faster and efficient process with exiling option. You can upload all the documents and store your records and do everything while sitting in front of computer and with internet connection. You can see that IT returns filing can help you avail benefits of easy issuance of bank loan and government tenders. IT returns are also needed in government jobs or while applying for visa in different countries. IT returns filing online is better as there are chances of fewer errors and you can fill anytime which is the major advantage and no more waiting in the line. It is duty of every Indian to file income tax return so that our country can progress.

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